Mandates, Planned Parenthood, and the Battle for Conscience Over Subservience

Posted: Feb 17, 2012 11:53 AM

The Obama administration’s birth control/abortion pill mandate is not only still in the news, but actually is the news on many leading media websites and news publications. Thanks to ongoing, vocal opposition to it by Roman Catholics like Archbishop and Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, leading Protestants like Dr. Al Mohler, and others like The Washington Post’s Charles Krauthammer.

But regardless of the opposition, Obama and his ready surrogates—both within his cabinet and without—are shamelessly pressing on full steam ahead with plans to force all employers, religious or otherwise, to provide “free” abortion pills, sterilization, and contraceptives for their employees. You read that right—Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity will be forced to supply birth control and abortion-causing drugs to the Sisters. (Yes, there is the option of having insurance cover it instead of the employers directly, but who’s paying the insurance costs for that “option?”).

Yet even a cursory glance at the mandate proves it’s nothing less than an attempt to force both the faithful and the faithless to subsidize that which goes against their consciences.

And this brings us to Planned Parenthood. If you’ve ever wondered why the mandate rolls on, even in the face of staunch opposition, just keep in mind that Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, was one of Obama’s top advisors on the issue.

Why would the opinion of Richards count for so much on an issue that many are calling a “lose, lose” for Obama? Chiefly because her organization, Planned Parenthood, is a fixed sphere in the leftist landscape and a quasi-extension of the federal bureaucracy: one which picked the taxpayer pocket of nearly $500,000,000 last year alone.

In fact, the federal government has a vested interest in Planned Parenthood, which owes fealty to the government that’s funded them so well that the abortion provider now claims over a billion dollars in net assets.

When you think about Richards’ support of the birth control/abortion pill mandate in this light, it’s easy to see past her veiled “women’s rights” mantra. Planned Parenthood stands to gain even more money if employers are forced to provide “free” abortion pills, sterilization, and contraceptives for their employees.

It’s also easy to see that what’s being portrayed as a fight solely between Obama and the Roman Catholic Church can be more accurately described as a new battle in the fight for life over death, and for conscience over subservience, for people of all walks of life.

The bottom line: Planned Parenthood has no business telling employers what they can and can’t provide their employees in the way of healthcare coverage, but through this mandate they’re doing just that.