Posted: Mar 30, 2005 12:00 AM

I will simply say at the outset that I hope that every one of the millions of readers who log into each week respond to the current appeal drive for financial support.  Townhall?s new chapter as an independent organization can only mean that a great public resource will get even better.  We all should care and help.

I personally owe so much to Jonathan Garthwaite and the Townhall team.  The most exciting thing for me since my Scripps Howard column began last year was the addition of the column to the weekly line-up.  By virtue of the mail I get when my column hits Townhall, I?ve discovered the large and thoughtful conservative audience that makes up the Townhall universe.   I love all the mail and feedback that I get.  It keeps me on my toes.  But it also keeps me optimistic to know that there are so many freedom loving conservatives out there who are concerned, active, and engaged.

When I became politically active years ago, I discovered how free our country is.  As Americans, we truly get what we want.  However, freedom is hard work.  The forces pushing in the opposite direction are out there everyday. 

Townhall plays such an important role. Everything starts with knowledge and understanding.  Townhall makes the best of conservative thought on the hot issues of the day a click away for every American.

This is crucial.  The challenges are great at home and abroad.  We are facing the need for sweeping changes at home in our retirement, health care, and education systems.  We face daily challenges at home and from abroad to our most cherished values of faith, traditional values and freedom.

Townhall provides the daily forum to discuss, refine, and advance our conservative agenda.

What I truly love is the fact that the offices of Townhall are a few blocks from the Congress.  Yet my friends there turn to free Americans to help raise money rather than doing what so many in Washington do.  Go down the street to Congress to coerce it out of the American public through taxes.

So please support this worthy cause and let?s continue to work everyday for the values we share.

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