Paging Hanoi Jane, You’re Needed by Fledgling Democrat Senate Candidates

Posted: Jun 23, 2008 5:08 PM
Paging Hanoi Jane, You’re Needed by Fledgling Democrat Senate Candidates

Democrats are getting desperate. Even with all their pomp and circumstance and rhetoric about their dominance of the political arena, they are taking the steps of a desperate party. Case in point, their leveraging of relationships with nefarious characters and out-of-touch liberals to raise money for fledgling Democrat Senate campaigns across the country.

Last week Politico reported that, “Los Angeles’ top liberal female activists are planning the political fundraiser for Sept. 27 at a private home.” According to the article, “The idea started with alums of the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee, a Reagan-era power PAC that included Jane Fonda, Kate Capshaw, Penny Marshall, Daryl Hannah, Laura Dern, Sarah Jessica Parker and others.”

The article then went on to list expected beneficiaries of such a fundraiser. Those listed include, the Senate campaigns of Tom Allen of Maine, Mark Begich of Alaska, Al Franken of Minnesota, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Mark Udall of Colorado and Tom Udall of New Mexico.

Al Franken has already tapped his liberal Hollywood friends to finance his struggling campaign, but for the others on the list they must decide if they want a close association with such individuals – especially when you consider one of the ring leaders of the original PAC was Hanoi Jane Fonda. How will Franken avoid further out-of-touch carpetbagger accusations when he continues to rely on Hollywood liberals to finance his campaign?

Mark Udall has been running away from his Boulder home, or “touchstone,” as he has referred to it, since he announced his Senate run. Udall has even gone so far as to attempt to deceive voters of his hometown through his press releases that list his home as anything other than Boulder. How will his association with people who supposedly share ideas and views similar to Hanoi Jane or tree sitting Daryl Hannah reinforce his rhetorical run to the middle?

Tom Allen of Maine is already bought and paid for by, receiving the most money of any federal candidate this cycle. Even with all of his liberal special interest funding, he still trails substantially in polling. Shouldn’t Tom Allen concentrate on reaching out to the people of Maine whose vote he’s actually courting and not Hollywood liberals and their wallets?

It is surprising a liberal Hollywood group would support Tom Udall of New Mexico. True, his liberal stances on taxes, guns and opening the border mirror those of such groups. But his spotty record with regard to discrimination based on gender and race is hard to ignore. Are extremist liberals so desperate for another voice in the Senate they are willing to overlook charges of alleged discrimination? Will Udall be able to successfully explain away the discrimination skeletons in the closet?

The group’s support of Jeanne Shaheen comes as no surprise. Under Shaheen’s leadership, New Hampshire’s state spending doubled, the first broad-based tax in the state’s two centuries was instituted and New Hampshire is still trying to dig themselves out of the education funding crisis she pledged to fix. Shaheen is also refusing to answer questions about whether she supports eliminating the secret ballot. So how will Shaheen reconcile herself with supporters of Barack Obama, a man her husband vocally and publicly attacked during the primary season?

Support of Mark Begich comes as no surprise as he shares Hollywood’s casual views on abortion and is the mayor of a sanctuary city. His questionable management of Anchorage finances and alleged, improper favors to friends and campaign contributors would give normal people pause, but apparently not liberal Hollywood activists. As more comes to light about Begich’s questionable record, will these liberal groups be able to over-look the eviction of some of his tenants on Christmas Eve?

The goal of this group is clear and frightening. According to one of the group’s veteran activists, “We need to give the Democrats a majority totaling at least 60 senators.” Take a moment to think about that. A filibuster-proof majority to pass legislation that will eliminate secret ballot elections; run roughshod over the First Amendment; raise your taxes and surrender in the War on Terror. A filibuster-proof majority to confirm activist judges if Barack Obama wins in November.

Democrats and their supporters are desperate and when you think about the depth and breadth of bad legislation that Senate Republicans have successfully beat back in the past 16 months, including D.C. Voting rights, middle-class tax hikes, and at least 31 bills to cut funding for our brave men and women serving around the world the groups goal becomes even more terrifying.

Taking all of this into account, the choice is clear, the choice is Republicans and not Hanoi Jane and her merry gaggle of Hollywood liberals.