Scooter Schaefer

Scooter Schaefer
Constitution "Optional"
By Scooter Schaefer
In a few weeks Obama's judicial nominee Elena Kagan will face the Senate Judiciary Committee and the American people in ...
June 07, 2010
Permanent Politicians and Tenured Professors
By Scooter Schaefer
Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, marked the day when an out of touch, complacent, and corrupt Washington D.C. was to ...
November 19, 2009
Out of Sight, But in Quite the Bind
By Scooter Schaefer
When college students' parents finally join that caravan of departing SUV's and mini-vans, there is often an elated sigh of ...
September 08, 2009
Youth and the "Anti Establishment" Movement
By Scooter Schaefer
It is easy for me, now 25, to imagine what a twenty-something forty years ago must have been feeling. ...
September 02, 2009
Obama, College Professors, and Race 101
By Scooter Schaefer
As a recent graduate of George Mason University, I can attest that the details of this July's Obama-Gates controversy will ...
August 19, 2009
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