'The U.S. is vile andn only they are pure'?

Posted: Mar 07, 2002 12:00 AM
The foreign hornets are furious. President Bush stirred them up when he declared that after purging Afghanistan of Taliban and al-Qaida terrorists, the United States may take on their counterparts elsewhere. And they swarmed out in a rage when he hit their hive with a stone marked "axis of evil" speech. Of course, the axis itself - Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, et al. - would protest that "there's nobody here but us moderates." But what of our supposed friends and allies around the world? Their protestations that the United States is vile and only they are pure of heart are far more difficult to stomach. The fact is that the foreign landscape boasts few truly admirable realms. Let's take a look around.... - Latin America has hardly a single, stable democracy: Chile and Costa Rica maybe, Nicaragua may be on its way, and some would include Mexico and Brazil. Drugs, approximate anarchy and unbelievable corruption mark most countries there. Haiti is a sinkhole; Argentina implodes. Narco-terrorists cow the populace in Bolivia and Peru; Ecuador is in rehab. Comrade Fidel thinks everything is just fine with the regime in Venezuela, as everything there spirals downward. Colombia is our hemispheric Vietnam. - From the Mediterranean littoral to Capetown, Africa is a disaster area - a cesspool of terror (e.g., Libya and Algeria), tribalism (currently Liberia, Congo and Sierra Leone), slave trade (Sudan, Mauritania and Benin), female circumcision (Kenya, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan), casual slaughter, AIDS rampant and extreme poverty. Zimbabwe's regime is warring against the country's few remaining whites. After more than a quarter-century of war, Angola finally has put a bullet through Jonas Savimbi, who some say sought to give the place a modicum of liberty. Monarchical Morocco may have the continent's highest degree of stability and its most commendable regime. - Islam has not yet produced a single, viable democracy, leaving the dread Israel the only democracy in the Middle East. Islamist extremism - nurtured extensively in the Israel-hating Saudi Arabia that is our principal oil "friend" - fuels much hostility to the United States and Western Europe. The Muslim crescents from Morocco northward to Kyrgyzstan and southward to Indonesia bode ill for the infidel West. - Similarly, Iran and Iraq are major outposts in today's evil empire. - Nuke-possessing India and Pakistan persist at each other's throats. - Japan, whose post-war economic engine is sputtering and essentially bankrupt, continues (with China) to deny that fair and healthy trade depends on BUYING abroad as well as selling there. - China - one of today's leading offenders against human dignity? In a March 18 Forbes column, historian Paul Johnson reminds: (1) It remains "a Communist tyranny," (2) it "maintains innumerable labor camps for political prisoners," with one account putting "the slave-labor total as high as 20 million," and (3) "many, if not most, Chinese exports contain some slave-labor content, one reason goods are so cheap." - Russia still struggles to grow beyond its 75 years of Leninism, and still trades in proscribed goods with, for instance, Iraq and Iran - yet, regarding terrorism and defensive missile systems, still decrees what the United States should and should not do. - And continental Europe? Its constituent countries, whose bacon America has pulled from the fire repeatedly, prattle on sanctimoniously about everything from immigration and the environment to sex and drugs to prisoner rights at Guantanamo Bay. Heavily dependent on oil from the Middle East - the principal seat of terror - and grossly underspending on their own defense, they preach to us about our next steps in the terror war. This is an hour of globo-guerrillas waging global war. Few of the bystanders are themselves pure. But rarely do they see the picture clearly. They retreat to their timid corners, mouthing defeatist globaloney - when instead they should be rallying to the cause of liberty and clamoring, "How can we help?"