Ross Mackenzie

Ross Mackenzie
Obama's Greatest Failing of All?
By Ross Mackenzie
Takes on items in the news -- mostly about Barack Obama and his administration.... --Will the President's passivity regarding Libya -- ...
March 17, 2011
Win the Future or Cement Ourselves in the Past?
By Ross Mackenzie
Suddenly, the Libyan turmoil and its subsequent Obamian abdication of leadership have led -- again -- to heightened fears about ...
March 10, 2011
'The Simpsons' in Illinois, the Seductress, the Kiss of Judas
By Ross Mackenzie
A March mixture of comments about items in the news.... OK, so you voted for Barack Obama and still support him. ...
March 03, 2011
Islamofascism, the Internet, and the Liberty Contagion
By Ross Mackenzie
On Egypt et al. let us be very clear. Joy at the expansion of liberty -- maybe even of democracy -- ...
February 17, 2011
ObamaCare and the Islamist Movement
By Ross Mackenzie
The week has brought two potentially future-altering stories -- one out of Florida, the other out of the Middle East. In ...
February 03, 2011
On China, Tucson, Delta, Chicago, Illinois, Reid, Etc.
By Ross Mackenzie
How's it going in the new year? Let's see.... --Defense Secretary Robert Gates ventured to China for strategic negotiations. But the ...
January 13, 2011
On Holder, Clapper, Escalated Rhetoric, the Chicago Way, Etc.
By Ross Mackenzie
Moving into the new year with a backward look at 2010.... What was the worst legislative decision of the passing year? ...
December 30, 2010
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