Low Information Voters Are The Problem....Maybe Not!

Posted: Jul 03, 2013 12:01 AM

Approximately 2 months ago one of the worse crimes that could ever exist; the IRS targeting citizens because of their political beliefs was discovered by the media. The President said he was upset and accepted the resignation of the acting head of the department, who had a mere two weeks left in his contract.  The IRS officer who was in charge of the proceedings refused to talk to Congress, refused to resign and was basically given the next, who knows how long, period as a paid vacation.

We also found out that the IRS likes to party, dance, drink and have fun on our money. Millions and millions of our dollars going to parties so silly that if invited I wouldn't go. Has anyone gone to jail for this theft?  Has anyone been forced to pay back the money? Has anyone been forced to include these benefits as income on their tax returns as we would have had to do?  That would be a resounding NO!

Congress does what it does best: holds hearings.  Then the members who held the hearings head for the talk shows on radio and T.V. to announce what they have found. Basically that's about it.  Nothing really happens until ..........who knows when!

The President has an opinion on everything and is not embarrassed to get up and read to us his thoughts, unless the sun blocks out the words on his teleprompter.  The Vice President is in his 6th year of hiding and the old Secretary of State doesn't seem to be too concerned about what went on overseas.  She basically said, if I understand her, what difference does it make after it is over.  She does have a point. How about a hearty "who cares"!

As far back as I can remember a lot of things have happened yet no action has been taken on them and most of these actions have left the general citizenry's memory. Let's see what I can remember:

      1.  Fast and Furious

      2.  Major Nadal and the shooting at Fort Hood

      3.  Iran and their near nuclear capability

      4.  The large unemployment problem which is even larger if you add those now on (not really) disability.

      5.  The wall on our Southern border which was voted on, approved, funded(?), but not built and is featured in our new attempt at an immigration law.

      6.  The Sequestration that caused us to cease White House tours (high cost) but not cease the President's mullti- million dollar vacations.

      7.  The cleaning up of the waste (duplicate departments) discovered by the current administration and could still be duplicating right in front of our eyes.

The fact that Obama Care was pushed through by those who admitted that it had to be passed before we could know what was in the bill.  These same Rhodes Scholars then exempted themselves and their staffs from being forced into what the common folk either takes or is fined.

Although I am just warming up I must get back to the point of low information voters. My Congressman only sends out information at election time.  He hadn't a challenge by the other party last time and easily beat his fellow congressman who simply took 162 junkets around the world.  I haven't a clue what my guy has done in Congress but he must have taken less than 162 junkets and thus won the election.

It appears voters have stopped seeking information in order to cut down on the number of nightmares they would have and thus not have to miss too much work.  Do we really want to know how badly we are being ripped off?

My conclusion is vote for your pet, your favorite tree or perhaps a famous figure from the past centuries and you won't feel you really wasted your vote as you probably do now.  Or we could hope that honesty, common sense and a sense of real duty could sweep Washington.  I believe that could happen when Cigars Box and not a moment sooner!