Haylee probably wouldn't get it but you should

Posted: Aug 03, 2006 11:07 AM

After the loss of my dog of almost 11 years, I wasn't interested in getting another one until the day we went. I was more or less dragged to a rescue kennel to see if any dog would feel right to us. All the dogs were barking but when we turned the corner there was a dog known as the Disney dog jumping up and down trying to get our attention. A half hour later, she was ours—we haven't stopped smiling for the last 2 and 1/2 months.

Haylee, as we have affectionately named her, loves people of all shapes and sizes and every dog she meets as well. She actually goes up and kisses them which no dog of mine has ever done. I am sure she would win some humanitarian awards if she was a human. I know that if a coyote came up to her she would try to kiss it too. She is trained but definitely on the naïve side. Of course, she is only about 8 or 9 months old.

Haylee clearly has some excuses as far as why she does the things she does. Why, though, do grown people act like puppies? If they hear an advertisement that says they can get something—anything—and it won't cost them a penny, nickle, dime or dollar, why do they ask where can they sign up? This happens all the time in the mortgage industry and it drives me crazy. I am sure that it happens in other industries as well but in our industry, it’s blatant.

One particular ad in the mortgage industry talks about interest rates that simply don't exist and people can't get to them fast enough. Haylee would probably take that loan as well but she is just a puppy. I find it fascinating how much people want to believe this type of false advertising is the truth and that they are just smarter than everyone else having found it. Caveat emptor!

Whenever I go into a store or shop or building with my wife and we are offered something below cost, and when I am sure it isn't stolen, I always ask my wife, "what is it about us that makes people want to lose money to make us happy? Could it be that we are the proud owners of Haylee?” I’m thinking probably not—simply because Haylee isn’t there half the time.

I am not a gambler. I figured that out after having lost a good 85% of the time. It is definitely not my cup of tea. Most of my friends love the idea of going to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe or Atlantic City to gamble and “get rich”. I always note that I have never seen a casino (not hotel) with a mortgage. That seems to point to some pretty tough odds in my book.

Instead, I enjoy my life with my wife, kids and Haylee, and I try to pay attention to what is real and what is just simply smoke and mirrors. Haylee is not that particular. I hope you are!