Youth is wasted on the young

Posted: Jul 14, 2006 12:27 PM

The words from an old song never made sense to me when I was young, but now, as I head for the "autumn of my life", the words are as clear as a cloudless blue sky in the summer. My only lament is not understanding what I had when I had it: youth.

One thing is not wasted on the young, however, and that is the ability now available to begin a lifetime of real estate investment that will lead you right to the Road to Financial Freedom.

All it takes is the desire and perseverance. You can throw in a little good luck to make it sweeter and the recipe is complete. Just begin by buying any house you can afford with a 15 year loan. If you wanted a $250,000 house and you couldn't do it with a 15 year loan: forget the house and buy one at $175,000 that you can afford with a 15 year fixed.

In a short 5 years, if you put your current house up for rent, the loan will be 20% lower than when you started. Then your next step is to buy a new house with a 15 year loan. Hold it 5 years and then buy another house. Here’s how the plan lays out over time:

Recap: After 10 years

• The first house will have a mortgage that is 1/2 of its original balance.
• You will have only 5 years to go and it will be paid for.
• The second house will have a mortgage that is 20% lower
• You will have 10 years to go on the second house, and it will be paid for.

Keeping the program going for an additional 10 years, the results would be:

• Two houses free and clear.
• One house with 5 years to go on the mortgage.
• One house with 10 years to go on the mortgage.
• One new residence.

If the plan is constructed correctly, and you do not deviate from your endeavor, you will have created these real estate holdings by just paying your mortgage on your owner occupied for 20 years. Is it easy? No. Is it simple and extremely possible? Yes, simple and very possible.

We at will fill the one part that is missing: the proper financing for the project. We will guide you each step of the way and insure the right loan is in place to maximize your profits. Write to me by clicking the link above and let's begin to lay out a plan for you.

Youth must be served, and we are here to do it!