It's only just begun

Posted: Jul 04, 2006 12:00 AM
These are exciting times, and this amazing web site is no small part of these times.

The knowledge available here is for your consumption, and I hope to contribute a unique perspective about your financial life that may very well put you on the road to financial freedom.

The world is changing, and in order to stay afloat, you must have the information to change with it. That is exactly what I hope to give to you over the weeks and months to come.

Even beyond what I hope to contribute, I welcome and look forward to your input.

Once upon a time, a family would look for a house to live in, raise the kids in, and eventually retire in. To assist with the purchase, a mortgage was procured, and for the next 30 years, the payments were made. Those who actually got to the end had "mortgage burning parties".

That was then, this is now. The house that was once bought simply for shelter is now the bedrock of the family’s financial plan. Whether this is their one and only house or one of many, their primary residence, second home and even one of several rental units—families are building their finances through real estate.

In the past, the mortgage decision was easy—a 30 year fixed. The local bank would supply the financing and that was the extent of the transaction. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of places to get financing and several hundred different types of loans to choose from.

In times gone, what had occurred in the Country and the World might have affected the interest rate a bit. Now every move of Congress, The Federal Reserve, the oil cartel and other nations has a profound effect on interest rates.

My hope is to be able to explain the current trends to you and to show how you can use them to your advantage. Your mortgage is a large part of your financial plan, and I will approach it with that realization.

Last but not least, your questions are extremely important to me, and I will look forward to addressing your inquiries. Write to me at, and keep following my column. You will find that most people have the same questions, thoughts and concerns. More importantly, you will find that there are solutions! I look forward to seeing you along the road to financial freedom.