The rules of the jungle

Posted: Jun 06, 2006 12:01 AM

When you live in a jungle and you realize the dangers around you, survival is the first concern. You may have the best hut in the region but if the forest is on fire you need to save yourself first, not the hut. It seems so straight forward that I shouldn't be writing about it, but when it comes to finances a lot of people don't see it as clearly as they should.

If circumstances turn against you financially, your first responsibility is to survive and prepare to return to your former status another day. This means to take all the necessary action to stop the crisis immediately. This doesn't mean try to save some precious belonging and do the best you can with the rest.

People write to me at and tell me they have a great first mortgage and things have turned sour in their business. They aren't making enough money and their credit is becoming ugly. We will do all we can to try and keep the mortgage, but if we can't, survival is more important. We will try to refinance you and pay off your back bills and make sure you have sufficient reserves to go forward.

Once you are back on your feet you will be able to make plans to return to your former plans. You will have survived to work and prosper.

Call us, Manhattan West, at 949- 5553 and let us help you survival in this ever challenging business climate. You will be happy you did.