Roger Schlesinger

Roger Schlesinger
If 14 years 3 months is too long - How About 15 Years?
By Roger Schlesinger
Let's get right to the question above. A mortgage loan is made up on principal payments and interest payments. ...
April 01, 2014
In Case You Might Not Have Noticed...
By Roger Schlesinger
Over the last weekend it was announced that the United States of America's Treasury Dept. took in more revenue over ...
March 25, 2014
So Janet Yellen Wants Higher Interest!
By Roger Schlesinger
I would like to win the lottery; many others would like to win the billion dollar prize for the one ...
March 20, 2014
Why Kill The Thrill?
By Roger Schlesinger
As I begin writing I am thinking about the fact that I just added another year to my ever growing ...
February 27, 2014
Creating Wealth
February 21, 2014 |
Emotion Isn't a Great Financial Tool
By Roger Schlesinger
When I mention a "reverse mortgage" to some of my clients, some think I am trying to steal their house, ...
February 10, 2014
Forget the MyRA - Your House is the Key to Retirement
By Roger Schlesinger
When should you payoff your mortgage? The answer depends on you, however most people need to have the mortgage paid ...
February 04, 2014
It’s Time to Act, Fast
January 17, 2014 |
Number One Freedom
January 04, 2014 |
Who's Kidding?
By Roger Schlesinger
I love to kid myself especially when it comes to the lottery. When the big jackpots come around ...
December 19, 2013
11:59P.M. Time Is Running Out
By Roger Schlesinger
It seems that the Federal Housing Association never misses a chance to limit the amount of help they had been ...
December 10, 2013
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