Rob Schwarzwalder

Rob Schwarzwalder
Dads and Moms Still Know Best
By Rob Schwarzwalder
Over the past half-century, America has gone from “Father Knows Best” to Father Knows Nothing. That path has been strewn ...
September 11, 2015
An Active President: Obama on the March As the GOP Preps to Run Congress
By Rob Schwarzwalder
Since last month’s election, the President has been a busy fellow. He’s traveled to China, heralded what he called a ...
December 21, 2014
Election 2014: A Reward for Gridlock, A Repudiation of the President
By Rob Schwarzwalder
“All politics is national” now, which made this midterm election yet another referendum on President Obama, and it ...
November 16, 2014
Public Policy and Presidential Pique
By Rob Schwarzwalder
President Obama’s petulance grows. For proof, look no further than media reports. Two quotes from Peggy Noonan’s disturbing-because-it-is-accurate piece on ...
July 12, 2014
Hillary Clinton Gets an Offer She Can’t Refuse
By Rob Schwarzwalder
Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Her problems do not emanate from her legion of critics on the Right. Instead, because ...
June 19, 2014
Sexual Assault on Campus a Symptom of a Larger Problem
By Rob Schwarzwalder
Sexual assault is a moral evil. This is clear from the teaching of Jewish and Christian Scripture and ...
May 06, 2014
The Madness of Redistribution: Why Paul Krugman is Wrong (Again)
By Rob Schwarzwalder
At the end of the classic film, “The Bridge Over the River Kwai,” the prison camp’s doctor surveys the scenes ...
March 11, 2014
Lying, Obamacare, and Integrity
December 10, 2013 |
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