The Reunion Travelogues

Posted: Nov 27, 2006 12:00 AM
Here's what's going on. I have been on the road, pretty much constantly, since Monday. Tuesday I had something called a "Nuclear Cardiac Stress Test" which I passed, but which left - are you ready? - ISOTOPES inside of me. These isotopes set off the gamma ray detectors at Andrews Air Force Base this morning.

A very tough looking Airman came onto the van and asked if anyone had been through an x-ray machine or in a hospital recently.

I raised my hand, reluctantly and said I'd had these test which included ISOTOPES but I - this is true - had a note from my doctor. I showed the note to the security guy and he cleared the van.

As he was stepping off the van, I said: "You're detector found that through the wall of the bus?"

"They're gamma rays, sir. They go through just about anything."

My van-mates moved as far away from me as they could. I didn't blame them.

That test was on Tuesday. On Wedesday I spent the day with one of my favorite Members of Congress, Virginia Foxx, in Raleigh, North Carolina. I attended a lunch with her, then did the speech at a fundraiser.

I had driven down because I had been warned about these ISOTOPES setting off detectors at airports and I didn't think I wanted to be explaining to some Ethiopian-speaking-TSA-guy about why I was glowing in the dark. After my speech, I turned around and drove back up to Washington.

At 7:30 Thursday morning that little mini-series occurred at Andrews because I am now in Abilene looking at their alternative energy activities in the company of Assistant Secretary of Energy, Andy Karsner.