Connecting the Dots to Iran

Posted: Feb 06, 2006 10:57 AM

  • Iran’s refusal to stop attempting to produce weapons-grade nuclear fuels has a direct link to the Darlings of the Left: Harry Belafonte and Cindy Sheehan.

  • The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) – is the nuclear watchdog for the United Nations. Over the weekend, the IAEA adopted a resolution referring Iran’s nuclear malfeasance to the United Nations, which may be the global equivalent of being tossed out of study hall for chewing gum, but still; it’s something.

  • Who knows whether the United Nations will actually do anything to or about Iran. But, among the people I depend upon to keep track of these things – the French – this appears to be a pretty significant event.

  • Let us, for the purposes of this discussion, agree with the French. Hauling the Iranians’ collective butts before the UN Security Council is a big deal. If nothing else it is a big deal because of the 35 members of the IAEA, 27 of them voted with the US to do it.

  • Five countries - South Africa, Belarus, Algeria, Indonesia and Libya abstained from voting – which makes us wonder why we’re paying their per diems and air fares for these meetings.

  • But three countries – Syria, Cuba, and Venezuela – voted against the resolution.

  • All right: Syria. They need Iran to continue to be the world’s goofballs because that keeps them off the international diplomatic radar screen.

  • Cuba. Who knows? Maybe they believe Iran will produce nuclear-powered cigars.


      I was walking down L Street in Your Nation’s Capital the other day and saw a sign in a window for “Pre-Embargo” Cuban Cigars.

      The first embargo goes all the way back to 1961. The most recent renewal was in 1990.

      Assuming the cigars in question are pre-1990; don’t cigars have a “sell-by” date? If so, is it more than 16 years after manufacture?


  • The third country, Venezuela, is interesting because its president, Hugo Chávez is virulently anti-American and so, has emerged as a hero of the international Left.

  • Harry Belafonte, who should be nobody’s hero, appeared with Chávez at a rally recently when he called President Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world.”

  • The Human Billboard, Cindy Sheehan, recently made a big splash at the World Socialist Forum in Caracas, Venezuela where, according to the Peoples’ Weekly website, “Chávez called attention to the presence of Cindy Sheehan on the speakers platform.”

  • The only reason for a country like Venezuela to vote with Iran is because of the oft-quoted saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  • Here’s the syllogism: Chávez is a self-proclaimed enemy of the United States. Iran is an enemy of the United States. Ergo, Chavez is a friend of Iran.

  • Once again, my Liberal Arts education from Marietta College pays huge dividends.

  • While the Post and the Times both ran the story and the names of the countries who supported Iran on their front pages, the Times described the vote thus:

      “The vote in Vienna was promoted as a significant victory for the Bush administration …”

    With no explanation as to who was doing the “promoting.”

  • The Post was a bit more positive saying the vote had “handed the United States and European countries a diplomatic victory.”

  • We should all watch with interest public figures in the US who continue to praise Hugo Chávez. The opposite of that old “enemy of my enemy” thing is also true: The friend of my enemy is … my enemy.

  • The resolution referring Iran to the Security Council ends by saying the IAEA Board of Governors will “remain seized of the matter.”

  • the next time you hear someone praising Cindy Sheehan or Harry Belafonte you should, too, “remain seized of the matter.”

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