Culture Challenge of the Week: The “Irrationality” of Traditional Morals

Posted: Aug 10, 2010 8:03 AM
Culture Challenge of the Week: The “Irrationality” of Traditional Morals

It’s “Back to School” time again, with sales on school supplies and state tax holidays on clothes and notebooks. But parents may have a lot more to worry about this school year than looking for deals.

Last week, federal court Judge Vaughn Walker decided that California Proposition 8, which limited marriage to one man and one woman, has no “rational basis” and is therefore unconstitutional. Why? Because “moral and religious views form the only basis for a belief that same-sex couples are different from opposite–sex couples.” And those moral views are “irrational,” according to his review of the evidence presented in the case. Further, he ruled that religious teachings that call homosexuality sinful “harm” gays and lesbians and create a discriminatory “stigma” on those relationships. Marriage, according to the judge, is simply “an expression of emotional support and public commitment,” open to any couple regardless of gender, and it is wrong to suggest the heterosexual relationships are “superior” to homosexual ones.

The judge’s ruling serves as a primer for the sex educators, liberal school boards, and social engineers who want our children to embrace the same reasoning. And their methods are frightening: they are using the power of big government to force their personal moral views of homosexual relationships on children and families across the nation.

Most parents in America still teach their children that homosexual relationships are indeed immoral – and that marriage is a committed relationship between a man and a woman. When a government employee (in this case, a judge) declares such beliefs and people “irrational” simply because he is a personal opponent of traditional morality, there is a chilling effect on religious freedom. Sadly, the indoctrination of our children (through the schools) with the more “rational” beliefs of people like Judge Walker, is well underway in several states. Their thinly-veiled message: we will dictate the religious and moral teachings of America’s children. We will use our supreme power to abolish the traditional moral teachings and laws of our nation.

Under such rule, religious freedom is quickly becoming extinct in America.

How to save your family through courage.

Parents must take a deep breath and prepare for the battles in the schools and society at large.

School curricula and the mandated atmosphere of tolerance are already rolling over our children like waves eroding the shore; but now, the tsunami is headed our way.

And the pressure for parents to be silent and conform to a “new morality” is everywhere. It’s in television shows, the movies, games and music; it’s in the schools, in advertising, in our court rooms and board rooms.

Without our courage, marriage doesn’t stand a chance.

Now, more than ever, our children need to see us stand up for what we believe in. They need us to take the time to explain that, in contrast to what modern society is preaching, marriage is still the union of one man and one woman, and the protection of this unique institution is key to a culture’s survival. History confirms that the basic unit of every civil society is the traditional family unit, beginning with marriage. It’s quite simple: destroy that unit and the nation is eventually destroyed too.

Our right to teach our children the truth is not something to be cast aside like last year’s outgrown shoes. Fashions change, but truth doesn’t. We might be manipulated into buying the latest fad, but we should never let our children witness that our faith and principles can be manipulated by that same marketing machine.

Truth is truth, no matter how unpopular. If you don’t teach that basic principle to your children, no one will.