A Few More Fake Scandals

Posted: Aug 02, 2013 12:01 AM

Powerful or Pitiful: Jay Carney says the “fake” scandals are distractions that aren’t important to Americans. . . He’s clearly never been audited by the IRS. . .

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Powerful or Pitiful:

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Number Three:

I thought Dodd Frank was supposed to fix everything. . .

Number Two:

Stocks are up on good news regarding GDP and hopeful news regarding Jobs numbers tomorrow. In a moment of accidental honesty, CBS reported on the poor state of the economy

Number One:

Speaking of that GDP revision. . . Here’s what our brilliant and Radiant Scarlet Fu had to say. Translation: We’re changing the definition of GDP to make us look a bit better. . .

Here’s what immediately came our mind when Scarlet Fu reported on this:

Stocks in the News:

Robert Enlow, the CEO and President of the Friedman Institute, joins the program to discuss Milton Friedman’s outlook on politics, economics, and education:

Other News:

Going green: (This refers to money, not the environment.)

Ahem. . . We told you. . .

And now, a word from Captain Obvious.

The full program, from start to finish, for your educational benefit:

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