Obamacare Punishes America while Helping the Lobbyists

Posted: Aug 01, 2013 12:01 AM

Here’s what’s wrong with Washington: If it doesn’t negatively impact K Street, nothing’s going to change. Unfortunately, all too many of our biggest obstacles to recovery benefit K Street.

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Show Prep:

What’s Right with Ransom

Big Three:

Number Three:

Understatement of the week: Something’s not quite right with China. This is, however impacting emerging markets

Number Two:

Fed minutes released today. And looking into my crystal ball: I see continued QE infinity.

Number One:

And here’s the big question about the Fed: Do they care that their little money printing experiment has done very little to improve the economy? Even CNBC (which was trying to put a positive spin on recent economic data) points out that GDP is no-where near where it needs to be

Stocks in the News:

Eli Lehrer, with the Washington DC think tank “r street”, talks to John about the complexity of Obamacare:

Other News:

When you’re not doing well in the game. . . Change the rules.

I wonder why socialism doesn’t work.

Jack Lew says no bailout for Detroit. . . Obama says he already saved Detroit with GM Bailout.

Nice vacation home?

The best years of Obama are still looking pretty bad.

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