Obama’s New Focus: The Economy (Again)

Posted: Jul 25, 2013 12:01 AM

You know things are bad when the President decides he’d rather talk about the economy than anything else. Also, Robert Mazur joined the program to discuss his past as an undercover DEA agent – and current day money laundering.

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Show Prep:

What’s Right with Ransom:

It’s not going well for Obama. As scandals start to mount, he’d rather talk about his economic failure. . .

Big Three:

So, China continues to struggle. . .


Yesterday we had some bad news on the housing front. . . Today, we have some not-as-bad-news. . .


Well. . . At least some companies are making some progress now-a-days:


“Problem meeting demand.” Wow. That’s a problem with which the Chevy volt knows nothing. Oh, and just checking, wasn’t Ford the auto maker that refused any federal bailout. . .

Stocks in the News:

Former DEA agent, and author of “The Infiltrator” joined the program to discuss the dirty world of money laundering:

Other News:

So. . . We pivot again:


Good thing the whole country’s not like Chicago. . . Right?


Why is it only “bipartisanship” when Republicans agree with Democrats?


Um. . . What does an atheist prayer service look like? “Oh, myself on Earth, hallow be my faith, no Kingdom come, my will be done, on earth as heaven is non-existent. . .”


The full program, from start to finish, for your educational benefit: