The Tyranny of Living Under Laws that Aren't Supposed to Work

Posted: Jul 13, 2013 12:01 AM
The Tyranny of Living Under Laws that Aren't Supposed to Work

John McCain and Elizabeth Warren may be teaming up for another piece of financial legislation. (We’re all sure this will work out. . . ) Ron Fino, a former FBI agent and Goodfella informant, joined the program to talk about the vibrancy of organized crime.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Interest rates, if the central planners have anything to say about it, are not about to go up anytime soon. The reason? Contrary to what Bernanke might have said, our economy is still abysmal.

When will people learn. . . Washington style regulations and rules tend to have an impact on business:

Yeah. . . That’s what we need. (When the heck is McCain going to call it quits?) Why is it that “Bi-partisanship” tends to mean people of both parties getting together for really bad ideas?

Ezra Klein is an Idiot:

Ugh. . . Just listening to this guy gives me a headache. Barney Frank talking about. . . . Well, I don’t actually think he knows what he’s talking about:

Other news:

Let me get this straight: The Commies in China, Russia, and Cuba are working on becoming “more-free-market.” Meanwhile most of Europe and America are trying our best to become more socialist. . . Um, something seems wrong here:

Uh-oh. . . Obamacare’s going to be everywhere:

Does this man have no shame? (And, by the way, I kinda like gridlock. . . It keeps our politicians from doing stupid things quickly.)