Ben Bernanke Does His Magic Again

Posted: Jul 12, 2013 12:01 AM

Ben Bernanke spoke, and the markets rallied. Why? Well, QE infinity is here to stay for a bit longer. Also, Dan Bongino, formerly with the Secret Service, talked with John about Obamacare, Maryland politics, and Democrat thuggery.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Clean Energy. . . Expensive, and (as it turns out) a bad investment. . . But, yeah, we should totally invest more government dollars in it here at home:

Ah, Bernanke. . . He says our monetary policies are working:

Apparently our monetary policies are working so well. . . We just have to continue them. Ya know, because employment is still at abysmal levels. (Here’s that clarity for which Mr. Bernanke is known.)

Powerful or Pitiful:

Nothing like an angry Irish lady. (I think the problem is that Ireland has catholic and protestant schools.)

Other news:


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Just a thought. . . If you want to continue to give poor Americans access to low priced consumer goods, you can’t demand a $12 minimum wage on Wal Mart.

Wow. Things are heating up. It’s probably all that global warming, right Al Gore?

The GOP’s letter to Obama. I’m guessing this will be filed with the pre-approved credit offers and coupon magazines.