Politics Disguised as Climate Science

Posted: Jun 29, 2013 12:01 AM

Ezra Klein might be an idiot. . . But at least he never made a fortune by selling politics disguised as science. Al Gore is at it again with outrageous claims based on . . . . err. . . “science.”

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This is a review of things we should already know about gas prices and oil. . . But it often goes overlooked:


Given the fact that mortgage regulations have gotten completely out of hand - and the fact that not everyone listens to Roger Schlesinger – more and more Americans are now renting:


Occasionally the media gets sooooooo close to nailing it. . . And then it falls to pieces. Scarlet Fu points out that economic data is rarely reflective of actual economic conditions; but her colleagues blame all that on the sequester:


Ezra Klein is an Idiot.(But, as far as I know, he didn’t make a fortune by peddling politics disguised as science.)

Al Gore rants against “Man-bear-pig”


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Yeah. . . Not creepy at all:


Censor, Censor, Censor:


Good for Kenya, but not for Chicago:


Another plan to boost unemployment?