Obama Wars On Something Else

Posted: Jun 27, 2013 12:01 AM
Obama Wars On Something Else

Nick Loris with the Flat Earth Society (also known as the Heritage Foundation) came on the program to discuss President Obama’s most recent climate initiatives. Obviously a war on coal is exactly what this country needs. . . Nothing like some more job killing, expensive regulations (aimed at driving up the price of energy) to bring this anemic recovery to a screeching halt.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Remember how Ireland was being beaten up by US Senators (like John McCain) for their low corporate tax rate? Well, Barry O'Leary, CEO of Industrial Development Agency, shot back on CNBC:


So here’s the riddle for the day: Will tapering of QE slow the market to a point that the Fed will feel like it needs more QE?


Speaking of slow economies, Q1 was revised. . . Downward. . . Again. Here’s CNBC’s roundtable discussion about what this number means:


Other news:

Obama unveiled his new and improved war on fossil fuels. (Because that is clearly the most pressing issue unemployed, struggling, Americans families are facing right now.)


Oddly enough:


And yet. . . He said this:


(Let me translate that sound bite: “I’ll work with anyone. . . So long as they agree with me.”)

Here’s a great read on the topic: