Europe, China, and Other Horrible Ideas

Posted: Jun 26, 2013 12:01 AM

China is having credit problems, Europe is struggling with unemployment, and Central Bankers are just now starting to figure this out. . . Too bad they didn’t listen to Ransom Notes Radio. Mike Shedlock joins the program to discuss the impact of China’s trouble with credit.

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Big Three:

Continuing our narrative from yesterday – even more people are now saying that Central banks may have reached their limit. . .

Europe is a main focus now, as European Finance Ministers try to hammer out a deal for a banking union. . . One of the topics of conversation, has been youth unemployment:

(As an after thought. . . He says unemployment is a “collective failure” in Europe. . . I’d consider more or less a failure of collectivism. But, I guess that’s nit-picky.)

Hooray! Good News on Manufacturing!!!! Take it away, Mike McKee:

Other news:

Of course the Chinese are going to say they have the credit crunch under control. . . What did you expect?

A White House climate advisor says we need a war on coal. Right. . . Higher energy costs always lead to economic prosperity:

How Ironic: The Obama Admin wants people to blow the whistle on whistleblowers. Hmm:

The Taliban has attacked a government compound in Afghanistan. But, yeah, I think we should totally send them arms and support in Syria.