Firing Ben Bernanke

Posted: Jun 20, 2013 12:01 AM

Ben Bernanke’s days are numbered. As it becomes increasingly clear that Obama is pushing Bernanke out, one has to ask what kind of legacy he’s leaving behind. Bill Tatro joined the program to discuss the impact of the Fed’s recent easing programs.

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Show Prep

Big Three:

Let’s see here. . . All banks (except one) failed the new mortgage standards. All banks (except for one) failed on the same issues. . . Maybe, just maybe, the new regs are a little burdensome?

Right. . . Because transparency is the problem with the Fed:

Here’s what it boils down to now: Bernanke. . . He no longer has any power.


Oh good. . . I’m so glad we decided to help these cute little Islamists:

Oh, so now Google wants to let us know what’s going on. . . Nice timing:

It’s not amnesty. It’s stupidity: