More #StopCommonCore Union Takeover

Posted: Jun 18, 2013 12:01 AM

Kyle Olson, CEO of, joined the program to discuss the ongoing challenges in education. Everything from Common Core to more powerful unions are threatening to further devolve American Education.

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Big Three:

Rally! (Coincidently, this is happening right before the Fed meets for two days. . . I’m sure this is based entirely on market fundamentals!)

‘Merica! American companies have continued to prove their strength:

Uh-oh. . . Oil prices (which are not counted as part of inflation) look to be moving up. . . Hooray.

Other news:

Why? Is this an effort to alleviate some of NSA’s workload?

Yep, that’s the tea party: A bunch of totalitarian, oppressive, big government loving, top-down economy, radical muslims. . .

Look, I don’t care if the US has been spying on the Chinese. Besides, If China want’s an “explanation,” our response should be: You first.

The G-8 is meeting. CNBC reports that they are going to talk about tax evasion, free trade, and transparency. They will do this while scanning each other’s private communications, drafting tarrifs for various exports and figuring out ways to institute a global wealth tax. Newspeak 101:




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