Your Friendly Labor Union Mafia Boss

Posted: Jun 15, 2013 12:01 AM

Ron Fino, a former FBI contracter, joined the program to share his experience of Labor Union corruption – and their ties to organized crime. It turns out the local 210 usually reports to La Cosa Nostra. . . Not their due paying members.

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Show Prep

Big Three:

The Nikkei is on its way back up. . . QE: The engine that keeps the roller coaster running:

That Loveable Mike McKee. . . A little down this morning:

Ever wonder why the S&P drops right before certain numbers are released? Well, we have an answer for you:

Ezra Klein is an idiot. . . But Mary Landrieu is a moron:

So. . . Right before Mary Landrieu displayed a stunning lack of geographical sense (by stating South Dakota is along the US Canada Border) she asked “why should we spend money on some dumb fence?” . . . Why not? We spend money on dumb senators every day.

Other News:

How did Snowden steal the NSA secrets? By illegally using a flash drive. . . It make you wonder: Was it a high capacity flash drive?

Tax financial transactions? Isn’t this getting a little desperate? Couldn’t we just. . . Spend. . . Less. . . Money?