Biden Slams NSA 2006

Posted: Jun 14, 2013 12:01 AM
Biden Slams NSA 2006

The President of R Street, a conservative think tank in DC, joined the program to talk about Ronald Reagan’s environmentalism. (It is possible a few liberal heads just exploded after reading that sentence.) John also presented this week’s Powerful or Pitiful award to a very deserving candidate.

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Show Prep

Big three:

Here’s just one more consequence of regulatory uncertainty:

Speaking of uncertainty. . . The Nikkei crashed yesterday. (It was described on Bloomberg as “quite a day.”. . . . Yeah, I think a 6.4% drop in one day qualifies as “quite a day.”)

How are US equities going to weather the world-wide volatility? . . . Even people who get paid to answer those kind of questions are having trouble:

Powerful or Pitiful:

Yeah. . . Keep in mind the ending of “Animal Farm.”

And, by the way, here’s the biggest difference. . . Bush was collecting data on phone calls (and emails) that were made to high-profile areas (like the Middle East). . . But Obama? Well:

Other News:

Another runner up for “pitiful.” Makes me real happy I married a normal person:

Yeah. . . Because nothing says “patriotism” like spilling jello on an American flag:

Really? We’re consumer sentiment is getting better?