Who is Scanning Your Child’s Retinas?

Posted: Jun 13, 2013 12:01 AM

Common Core is taking on the same description as the NSA, IRS and DOJ: Creepy. Joy Pullman, with the Heartland Institute, joined the show to talk about the intrusive Federal Government overreach in our school system. Also, John points out, yes, Ransom Notes is dedicated to helping anyone reach the American dream.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Oh good. . . Oil markets are going to get tighter. (Good thing we refuse to boost our infrastructure and – say – build the Keystone XL.)


Wow. . . Buried in Bloomberg’s quick list of headlines is this little gem: Greece is still struggling:


Investors should not be real frightened of the Fed’s tapering. . . Unless. . . Fundamentals don’t line up with the market’s performance:


Other News:

Question: “Can Bernanke save the Bond Market?” Answer: “Save it from himself?”


Um. . . Not to be too much of a sarcastic critic, but, I looked up arithmatic and “mathematics” in the Dictionary. . . Arithmatic is merely a function of mathematics. . . (And these are the morons who want to lead us?)


Public beatings can be fun if done the right way:


Lo que pasó con el sentido común?