If Clinton is Father of the Year, Obama is Big Brother of the Year

Posted: Jun 12, 2013 12:01 AM

The Equal Pay Act turned Fifty years old this week. . . And Liberals are still trying to “close the pay gap.” Maybe they should look at why there is a gap in the first place. Romina Boccia from the Heritage Foundation joined the program to discuss the free market’s answer to the war between the sexes.


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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Investors are panicking because the BOJ are holding their stimulus rather than increasing it. . . QE really is kinda like morphine for ailing economies:


Manufacturing sector might be stalling out – because we aren’t exporting enough. . . (I think we all know how Ben Bernanke would fix this.)


Here’s another excellent reason to be active in the market:


Other news:

Happy birthday. . . I guess:


BWAHAHAHAHA – Oh, wait. . . They’re serious:


They should just call the NSA.


We can file this safely under: “Duh.”