More Outright Lies About Benghazi

Posted: Jun 04, 2013 12:01 AM

Jonathon Moseley, who wrote an article on Benghazi for the American Thinker, spoke with John about a few of the blatant lies that have been thrown forward regarding the death of Ambassador Stevens. John also talked about the “Happiness Index” and why the “recovery” isn’t impacting most Americans.

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Show Prep:

Jonathon Moseley’s article in the American Thinker:                       

The Big Three:

Talk about the Fed reigning in Qe. . . Yeah, it’s just talk:

Preparing for a Fed Exit | Fox Business Video

Recovery? What recovery?

Housing Recovery Out of Reach for Most Americans: Video - Bloomberg

Wait. . . You mean China might be lying to us? Those crafty commies. . .

Is China's Economy Losing Momentum?

Other News: 

Well. . . this shouldn’t be too surprising for anyone who pays attention:

Wife of Former IRS Chief Campaigned for Obama, Questioned Romney's Taxes

I need a piece of farm land:

‘Temporary’ farm subsidy program may finally meet the reaper - The Washington Post

Ben Stein talks some facts:

This Is NOT a Stock Bubble! Says Ben Stein | Breakout - Yahoo! Finance