Obama is a Lousy CEO

Posted: May 31, 2013 12:01 AM

Economist Carl Schramm spoke with John Ransom about one of President Barack Obama’s biggest challenges: He’s never been exposed to executive experience. The most recent string of scandals illustrates the President’s blind faith in Bureaucracy, and his naiveté regarding Presidential responsibility.

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Show Prep:

Here is our Guest’s recent article in Forbes. (This is what caught the attention of Producer Michael Schaus.) http://www.forbes.com/sites/carlschramm/2013/05/24/barack-obamas-scandals-confirm-that-hes-not-a-ceo/

Pitiful or Powerful:

“I would refer you to the Attorney General’s comments.” Um. . . Those are kinda the comment’s we’re asking about. . . Isn’t this just a little too much incompetence for one Press Secretary to bear?

Reporters Grill Jay Carney About Holder’s Inconsistent Testimony on DOJ Scandal: ‘We Know He Was Involved’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Big Three:

The land of the rising sun. . . Although, no-one ever said anything about the Nikkei:

Nikkei Falls More Than 5% in Steep Sell-Off

Meanwhile, back stateside, we’re seeing more and more proof that regulations are arbitrary and suffocating:

Volcker Rule Confusion Stalling Its Implementation? | Fox Business Video

Now. . . For some good news: JOBLESS CLAIMS ARE up. . . Wait, what?

Jobless Claims Climb 10K, 1Q GDP Revised to 2.4%: Video - Bloomberg

 Other News:

Maybe Obama was just looking for some guidance on lawful tax deductions. . .

Shulman had more White House visits than any cabinet member | The Daily Caller

Although, in all fairness, Bush was kinda busy running a Country:

IRS Chief Visited White House 118 Times Under Obama, Vs. 1 For Bush - Investors.com

China is going to take part in an American/ ally military training exercise? Is this so we can skip the hassle of letting the Chinese hack into our military computers?

America's China mistake - latimes.com