Liberals Make, Big, Historic Mistake on Energy - Again

Posted: May 29, 2013 12:01 AM

Representative Kevin Brady (Ambassador for the Great Republic of Texas) spoke with John Ransom about the importance of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Energy independence is a very real possibility with sensible energy policies. . . Unfortunately, too many environmentalists don’t believe in unleashing America’s full potential.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Oh. . . Good GREAT news. As reported by Mike McKee:

U.S. Home Prices Jump Most in Seven Years in March: Video - Bloomberg

Is this a sign that things might be getting overbought?

People Are Getting Excited About US Stocks: CEO

Sudden upward movement as soon as the bell sounded. . . Why? Well . . .  no bad news. . .  Some positive data. . . Oh, and BOJ promised to continue their easing.

Dow Blasts Out of Gate, Surprises Investors


Other News:

I’m glad they finally have some medical codes for these emergencies. . . Those turtles are crafty animals.

Rand Paul: Obamacare to include medical diagnostic codes for 'injuries sustained from a turtle,' 'walking into a lamppost,' 'injuries sustained from burning water skis' | Mail Online

Baked sales. . .

Colorado Sees Spike In Children Accidentally Eating Marijuana-Laced Foods

Right, blame the low taxes:

States Seek Taxes on Lack of Infrastructure Funds: Video - Bloomberg

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