Apple Makes McCain Look Like a Fool, er, More Like a Fool

Posted: May 24, 2013 12:01 AM

If Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did one thing, he illustrated the absurdity of our corporate tax code. Chris Edwards, from the Cato Institute, joined John Ransom to talk about the absurdity of corporate taxes and the Senate’s misguided hearing.

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The Big Three:

OH NO!!! A CORRECTION! Quick, print some more money!!!!

Nikkei Plunges, Ford Leaving Australia, $100 Bills: Video - Bloomberg

Oh, wait. . . It’s not a correction. It’s more good news. (Actually, this glass-is-half-full approach might be partially correct. . .)

Markets Are Profit-Taking, Not Correcting: Reinhard

The hearings on Apple’s tax “avoidance” should be a good sign for lovers of Apple Stock. . . It’s proof that Tim Cook is doing everything he can to maximize profits:

Tim Cook Reignites the Case to Buy Apple: Schoenberger | Breakout - Yahoo! Finance


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