Dust in the Wind and the Fullness of Time

Posted: Dec 30, 2007 12:00 AM

It is a relentless quest, under no man's control. Every tick of the clock marks a step forward on the roadway that mankind knows as time. In the grand scheme of eternity, this human experience is but a piece of thread, floating in the vastness of everything that there is or ever was.

Eternity is the dwelling place of God, who by His very nature is omnipresent, omnipotent, and when asked by Moses for His name, responded… "I am that I am." As explained in a Wikipedia article, the ancient Hebrew translation uses Ehyeh, which is in the imperfective aspect, and can be understood as God saying that he is "in the process of being", a reference saying that he exists in all times, constantly, eternally.

The celebration we have just completed, Christmas, marks the birth of Jesus Christ, foretold in the Old Testament prophesies as coming in "the fullness of time." This roughly means that the child would be born when the time is right, or at the exact time when it should be.

Today we find ourselves marching on, having stepped over another line of demarcation that separates one year from the next. What we will find on this segment of the thread of humanity, I have to wonder. Every thread has a beginning and an ending, and so it is wise to contemplate, are we somewhere in the middle, or are we inching our way ever nearer to the end?

Unfortunately, this is a question that is impossible for us to answer, because we do not have the perspective of God, knowing and existing in all of time, constantly and eternally. That concept is foreign to us, and it is difficult to wrap our feeble minds around it. In fact, it is difficult for us to put words to it, much less, grasp the reality.

Jesus Christ embodies another of those difficult to grasp time frames, in completing his mission on Earth. His sacrifice on the Cross signified the defeat of sin, the new covenant with God, by which we are reconciled and made worthy to be in God's presence. Jesus spoke of the forgiveness of sin in the Aorist Tense, which again is not well represented by our language.

Used in this way, the forgiveness of sin is, "an effective, successful, single, one-time action." It loosely means that sins past, present, and future are forgiven, due to the work of Jesus, and it is not something that Jesus must do repetitively, for his work is complete once the believer accepts the gift.

From the perspective of humanity, and from the vantage of our finite sliver of existence that has been carved from the vastness of eternity, what is the point of being here? That sounds like those age-old questions that have been asked throughout history, who am I, and why am I here. I do not know, to tell you the truth, except as it relates to God's will. God wanted us, and so we are here.

So, if life on Earth boils down to a finite experiment, conducted by the Creator of the Universe, then what does it really matter what goes on here. Does it really matter what I do with this life? Does it matter what goes on around me, and should I care what others do?

The quick answer is, absolutely it matters. It especially matters, when you consider that God created us as eternal beings; not limited by the thread of time set apart for mankind's mortal existence. The Biblical record deals not only with man's fall from the presence of God, and the reconciliation foretold and ultimately provided by Jesus Christ, but also with how we are to conduct our mortal affairs.

Atheists will chatter all they want about the silliness of what I have written. Agnostics have better things to do, than worry if it is truth or fiction. False religions will pick bits of truth and co-mingle them with concoctions that serve the authors of those fables at the time. These false doctrines include secular purists, who are bound by a religious devotion to hedonistic pursuits, while adorning themselves with the trappings of goodness and charity.

Elections matter too, as we must live under the rule of those entrusted to govern our nations. Yet even in our nearly perfect system of government, where we as the people of God are given unparalleled authority to establish and maintain our governance, we fail time, and time again to exercise the good sense God has endowed each of us with.

Under our self-rule, we have allowed the forces of evil to establish normalcy to absurd contradictions to nature. Abortion runs rampant, and is ingrained in medical science under the auspices that pregnancy is an affliction, which can and should be healed by physicians.

Homosexuality is the pursuit of sexual gratification by abnormal means, yet it has slowly wormed its way into the fabric of our social conscience, and has deceitfully taken a counterfeit place alongside natural human diversities. The laws of nature, perhaps described partially but imperfectly by Darwinian theories, fly in the face of homosexuality at the very least through natural selection.

Under our self-rule, we have allowed this aberration to challenge the very roots of God's natural order, of two human beings, a man and a woman bonding together for the purpose of procreation. The model of man and woman in marriage is described throughout the Bible, even in describing man's relationship with God. Yet this nation over which we hold unparalleled sway may actually condone the recognition of homosexual unions on the same level.

Candidates for the most powerful office in our country are diverse in what they hold to be true and important. They each hold out certain traits that underlie an issue of concern for their fellow man, but many if not most are incomplete. Some completely ignore the importance of our place in eternity. They ignore or worse, condone the hedonistic impulses of the society they hope to govern.

Considering that the end of humanity's thread marks another instance of the fullness of time, all things that are contrary to the purposes of the Creator of the Universe are but dust in the wind. Politicians who are not too unlike those before them are unlikely to return any semblance of stability that has been lost, and if elected will only stir up more dust in our faces.

This is a very important election indeed, and I would implore every thinking member of the family of man, who is subject to the government we create by our influences, to seek out the candidate that promises a return to stability. Examine the entire palate of convictions, what they say, and why. Consider how long they have held the convictions that now bolster their quest. There is a danger in today's political climate that the choices we are offered may not include the choices we should make. I see that happening even now as one candidate in particular is excluded by those we rely upon for information.

Time may be short indeed, and we may be closer to the end of our finite thread than we realize. There is no time like the present to correct the course we have selected. We can be compassionate and charitable to our neighbors, without trying to alter the nature of God to accommodate their conflicted circumstances. Perhaps this too is the fullness of time, and it is time to look beyond the dust in the wind.