Memo to Fred - Infanticide is Not a State's Right

Posted: Nov 19, 2007 12:00 AM
Memo to Fred - Infanticide is Not a State's Right

For some, it is a feeling in the gut, while others call it common sense. Give it whatever name you wish, but it is that God given inner voice that whispers advice whether we want it or not. The louder the little voice gets, the more likely it is correct. So often, we ignore the little voice, and then stand in amazement as misfortune runs over us like a runaway freight train.

Now I am going to address someone directly, which is a bit unusual. Normally, when I have something to say about a political figure, my ulterior motive is to speak to my fellow underlings ( a.k.a. citizens like me who vote). In this case; however, Fred Thompson is a candidate in whom I find a lot of comfort.

My little voice has given up whispering, and has taken to screaming as of late. I fear that Fred Thompson has, for whatever reason, failed to listen to his own on the subject of abortion and State's rights. Understandable I suppose, because most of what he believes regarding the separation of Federal and State authority is right on the money; however, it is possible to rake too deeply while attempting to clean up a horrible mess.

Let me illustrate what I mean by simply laying out the proper assignment of authority, regarding the Federal government versus individual State governments. This, of course, flies in the face of the voluminous history of such arguments; nevertheless, the little voice has a great way of simplifying the issue and is worthy of weighty consideration.

The Federal Government is responsible for raising and maintaining a military, for the protection of the states, which collectively form our federation, and our Nation.

The Federal Government should organize and regulate trade, or commerce, as it relates to the overall good of the Nation, and should serve to resolve disputes concerning such trade and commerce between the States.

The Federal Government should serve to resolve disputes between States, as it relates to any issue that pits one State against another. Such issues may involve disputes over differences in recognizing human rights, or decisions that would clearly ignore the agreed upon constitution.

That is pretty much it as far as I am concerned, and the fact that our Federal Government has wormed its way into nearly every facet is disgusting to say the least. This has happened for one simple, identifiable reason. The professional career politician has no way to justify what he or she does, unless the professional politician is messing around with the laws of the land.

Okay Fred, now plug the idea of infanticide (or the sterilized term for it, abortion) into the above equation. You have quite eloquently described your eye-opening moment, when you began to see the absurdity of abortion, yet you believe that the matter should be left for individual states to decide. This would not be a problem if we knew that all states were driven by moral people, fully in tune with their inner voices; however, the sad fact remains that some states would choose to uphold abortion as a matter of choice.

Given the authority to decide for themselves, some misguided States would leave abortion on the books as a perfectly viable birth control option. Those who could afford to do so would travel to those states in droves, and considering the number of abortions performed in this country every day, the resulting carnage concentrated in these liberal bastions would rival the vilest periods in the memory of mankind.

Fred, we cannot allow Iowa to reinstate slavery, regardless of the will of Iowa's legislators. Regarding slavery, today's social conscience recognizes that the practice is barbaric, and contrary to anyone's God given human rights. Therefore, it is not a far stretch to insist that government sanctioned infanticide also flies in the face of God given human rights, amounting to nothing better than genocide of a class of human beings; those being the most helpless and voiceless in our midst.

This is an issue which pits one State against another, and which serves to ignore the human-rights plight of a class of people. This is exactly the role of the Federal Government, to step in where necessary, to eliminate the ability for individual states to interfere with the greatest law of the land, the law of God given human rights.

Fred, we know that the Federal Government must be reeled in, and I know that you are committed to that process. Please listen to your tiny inner voice of reason on this issue of abortion, and apply the proper role of Federal authority to your position. That is a common sense approach, and it is a position that does not violate the overriding notion of State determination.