Veteran's Day After

Posted: Nov 12, 2007 9:52 AM
Veteran's Day After

It is wonderful that we have a special day to commemorate our Veterans. It is fantastic to honor those who have passed on and those who are still with us. In fact, it may be better to have a Veteran’s day every month, such as Veteran’s Tuesday or some such variation.

I think that we should swap out some of our lesser holidays, such as President’s Day and even Columbus Day and make those Veteran’s Days too. After all, those old President’s are long gone, and are mostly irrelevant now, and gee whiz, even if Columbus knew he was the subject of such an honor in this country, he would have no idea who we are. It may just get him riled up, because he might wonder how the Queen of Spain managed to screw up all of his hard work.

I find it somewhat distressing, that the ranks our Greatest Generation are dwindling so quickly now. These men and women knew without question the value of their service, and they are rightly proud to this very day of what they accomplished. They will all be gone one day, and no longer available to share their stories of courage in the face of fear, and determination in the face of unreasonable odds.

Defeatist rhetoric whirls in the media, and it forms the foundation for a great deal of election propaganda. Nevertheless, there is a refreshing phenomenon at work today, which shines a very bright light on those dark-hearted malcontent airbags. Our newest Veterans, some having served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, are not shy in expressing their opinions on the matter.

Many express shock after hearing the mischaracterization, intentional misinformation, and frankly bald-faced lying that comes from media elitists and agenda driven liberal politicians. I dare say that many of these naysayers are lucky they are not within arms-reach of some of our proud Veterans, who have not fully de-acclimated from the high-adrenalin existence of active duty.

No doubt, there are Veterans who hold contrary opinions, and I am not painting all of them with the same brush. There certainly are reasons to be unhappy and in some cases bitter about personal experiences, bureaucratic maltreatment at the hands of the Military machinery, and certainly there are pre-existing political affiliations that exist.

In any case, as we move away from this latest Veteran’s day, I sincerely hope that our nation can maintain a wall of separation between the political back-splatter of scummy electioneering rhetoric, and our Veterans of these recent engagements and those in our history books. Be they man or woman, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, no one is more honorable than are our Veterans.

Our country learned a bitter lesson regarding this subject, following the Vietnam War. How we treated those returning soldiers was beyond shameful. Too bad, that many of those who were guilty of such gross behavior, are now serving in some of our highest public offices.

For those who care to hear it, I want to offer my thanks to the Veterans of all ages, from all conflicts, and those who have served at the ready during peaceful times as well. No one anywhere on this Earth can measure up to our proud Military men and women.