Democrats in Charge, Like Shooters - Just a Different Weapon

Posted: Apr 30, 2007 1:46 PM
Democrats in Charge, Like Shooters - Just a Different Weapon

The analogy in my title may strike some as insensitive and/or offensive. Such a reaction is understandable; nevertheless, it describes Washington from my perspective with morbid precision. Some might compare my supposition to the oft-spewed claim by the loony-left, that President Bush is Adolph Hitler’s equal.

Such comparisons of Bush and Hitler are so completely out of phase with reality, that no one who owns a shred of integrity will entertain the thought for a single millisecond. The carnage that is now wrought on our nation by out-of-control Democrats in the House and the Senate, testifies to what I am about to describe for you.

Thomas Hamilton killed sixteen children, one teacher, and wounded ten others in 1996 at a school in Dunblane, Scotland. Michael Carneal killed three students and wounded five others in 1997. The victims were in a circle, praying together at their high school in West Paducah, Kentucky. Then, Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden killed four students, one teacher, and wounded ten in 1998. It was at their middle school in Jonesboro, Arkansas. No one can forget, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed twelve students, one teacher, and wounded 23 in 1999, which of course is the infamous Columbine high school incident. Cho Seung-Hui killed 32, and wounded 15 others at Virginia Tech, as we are all so painfully aware.

The above paragraph ticks off an incomprehensible number of murdered students and teachers, and dozens more who were wounded. These are but a smattering of the total number of cases since 1996. The list from which I pulled these incidents only went back that far, citing them as recent.

I pulled only one foreign case, but there are many more from around the world in countries such as Canada, Sweden, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Argentina, and Yemen. The media, and the Democrats who would like to disarm American citizens, might have you believing the United States is uniquely vulnerable to these homicidal lunatics.

In nearly all of these cases, the shooters have something in common. They all had a chip on their shoulders, which involved people. Often, it was about certain kinds of people. Christians in particular, project too much of a “holier-than-thou” attitude. They also hated the “cool” kids, or the “in-crowd” it would seem.

Some of that just boils down to the old “haves versus have-nots” dilemma, but perhaps the driving emotion for these killers, was simply a long-term sense of being on the outside and looking in. That feeling of being the last kid picked for teams on the playground, lying in the pit of the stomach, festering year after year.

Do you see any hint of where I am going with this yet? For Democrats, especially those who have fossilized during their time in Congress, the loss to President Bush in 2000 has festered in their gut all these years. They had a sense of entitlement with President Clinton; an almost religious belief that the Presidency belongs to them. The only possible, acceptable outcome puts an anointed Democrat parrot in the Oval office.

There was a lot of talk following the Florida coup attempt, about Democrats experiencing psychological problems. I recall many articles about distraught Democrats, who sought counseling and medication. They simply could not come to terms with the fact that Al Gore, the global warming bore, failed to deliver.

Was it the former Senator from South Dakota, who’s name makes me sick to type and so I will not, who said afterwards; “They think this is over. This isn’t over by a long shot.” Please do not quote me on that, because I really cannot remember who it was, only that it was one of the oft-quoted Democrats in Congress.

Anyway, these Democrats found themselves, once again on the outside, looking in. They became the have-nots again, but this time a seething anger, boiled in their guts. They have never hesitated to obstruct, obfuscate, criticize, and falsely accuse. In all matters, if there were any way to frame an event (with the media’s help) in a way that could disparage the President, his Administration, his appointments, or Republicans in general, they would do so.

The Democrats these past six or seven years have become the “Trench Coat Mafia” in Washington, hanging together and pointing at the “in-crowd”, mumbling and muttering about the revenge that would be theirs one day. They have despised everything about President Bush and his people, but perhaps nothing has driven their disgust more, than the President’s Christian faith, which he wears on his sleeve for all to see.

In November of 2006, the Democrats could barely contain their glee, and many did not even attempt to hide their daydreams. Mass-murdering malcontents have the same problem, often posting details on websites about what they would love to accomplish given half a chance.

When opportunity came knocking, these insanely jealous Democrats did not hesitate to pick up their weapons, and they have been rapid firing them ever since. No, their weapons of choice do not shoot projectiles into fragile flesh and bone, but rather they are in the form of hearings, investigations, subpoenas, and talk of impeachment.

Like those mass-murdering misfits, these malcontents do not have a care in the world about innocent victims, such as truth, security, our proud military, or the best interests of the American people. There has been a lot of talk about keeping weapons out of the hands of the psychologically unstable. I believe it is time we talked seriously, about removing the weapons of power from the hands of the unstable, political fossils in Washington. Namely, those are the arrogant power-hungry Democrats, who have demonstrated a complete lack of self-control and a shameful contempt for this nation’s true interests.