Bare-Bottomed Democrats on Display

Posted: Apr 13, 2007 10:06 AM
Bare-Bottomed Democrats on Display

Never have I witnessed a more short-sighted bunch of spoiled brats in positions of leadership, or aspiring for leadership, than we have in the Democrats today. We have the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi is apparently not satisfied with that job, because she simply cannot keep her hands off of the duties and roles assigned to the Presidency. Just a few seconds of self reflection, should send every one of the usual suspects under their mother's skirts from shear embarrassment.

Now, embarrassed is a funny word when you stop and think about it. It describes a feeling of shame, or a state of existence where one would rather not be. It describes a feeling, where you know critical eyes are watching in disapproval.

Words rarely exhibit such an exquisite construction of components that so accurately describes human emotion as does this word. Think how you would feel if suddenly your pants were to fall down, and you are left standing in public, bare (bottom) hanging out for all to see.

Is it coincidence, or is this how this word came into existence? There are many words that begin with the em- prefix, such as emboldened, which means that you have gained boldness. So then, just to be clear, embarrassed means that you have gained a bare (bottom). This, of course, would be humiliating for most of us.

I never dreamed there would come a day when I had a positive thing to say about Dennis Kucinich. However, when various Democrats including John Edwards, chickened out of the Nevada debate because it was cosponsored by Fox News, he was right to call his fellow candidates to task.

These pretenders are suffering from a severe case of eisoptrophobia, which is the fear of mirrors, or the fear of seeing one's reflection in mirrors. Conservatives do that to liberals without even trying, because to face up to a conservative world view is to have one's own embarrassing liberalism reflected back in high contrast.

Fox News is by no means conservatism on steroids, and whether Democrats want to admit it or not, the Fox News channel does the best job of anyone in presenting both sides of an issue. Some of the on-air personalities are clearly conservative, but in contrast to the self-delusional-liberal slant evident in the rest of the media, the Fox personalities are barely noticeable.

There is a special chemical compound called "luminol", which is used for crime scene investigations. When it contacts blood, it glows florescent blue under ultraviolet light, making it nearly impossible to clean up a violent murder scene.

Conservatives, especially those who broadcast on Fox News, are the "luminol" for detecting liberal lunacy. When conservatives are near, the pants fall off of all loony liberals who are near by, and they are bare-bottomed for all to see. They embarrass themselves by virtue of their own ideals and morality, or rather, the lack thereof.