Peter Ferrara

Peter Ferrara
Biden Has a Chance to Make Good on His Promise to Cut Government Waste
By Peter Ferrara
None of President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks have caused quite as much controversy as Neera Tanden, his nominee to head ...
February 03, 2021
Legislatures’ Appointment of Trump Electoral Slates is Not Only Right for the Republic, It’s Good Politics
By Peter Ferrara
Editor's Note: This piece was co-authored by Lew Uhler and Joe Yocca.Each day since Nov 3 reveals more and increasingly ...
December 08, 2020
Boeing Under Assault from Chinese and European Corporate Welfare
By Peter Ferrara
Boeing is America’s leading plane manufacturer. It is a backbone element of our economy, part of America’s manufacturing infrastructure that ...
March 26, 2020
Three Questions Congress Must Ask Jerome Powell
By Peter Ferrara
On Wednesday, Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is slated to testify before the Joint Economic Committee. Perhaps ...
November 12, 2019
Trump Agrees: Small Refinery Waivers Are the Solution to the EPA's Ethanol Mandate
By Peter Ferrara
In December 2018, Trump gave the United States energy independence for the first time in over 70 years. On Monday, he recognized ...
October 23, 2019
Will the Senate Banking Committee Rein in the Federal Reserve's Lawlessness?
By Peter Ferrara
The American experiment has always been based on a complicated balance of powers, with no single government entity capable of ...
September 24, 2019
Stopping the Elizabeth Warren/Federal Reserve Power Grab
By Peter Ferrara
Just weeks after Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) introduced legislation to expand the Federal Reserve’s authority into real-time payments, the Fed on ...
August 13, 2019
House to Mark Up Surprisingly Bipartisan Bill to Counter China’s Shell Companies
By Peter Ferrara
The House Financial Services Committee takes a break on Tuesday from baiting President Trump to mark up a surprisingly bipartisan ...
June 10, 2019
Seniors Would Lose Access to Modern Life Saving Medicines Under Foreign Socialist Price Controls
By Peter Ferrara
Stiff FDA regulation imposes high costs on development of new and innovative drugs in the United States. But stiff competition ...
April 24, 2019
Mugging Taxpayers in the Swamp
By Peter Ferrara
The big dollar muggings in Washington these days are not done with pistols. The sophisticated weapons of choice are “sole ...
December 29, 2018
Big Government Overregulation Threatens Small Business Lifeblood of the Economy
By Peter Ferrara
Dodd-Frank overregulation caused increased concentration in banking, squeezing out smaller banks in favor of bigger banks that could more easily ...
December 08, 2018
Trump’s Merit Based Immigration Can Focus on Investment in America
By Peter Ferrara
President Trump wants to reform immigration to be based on merit, rather than lotteries, anchor babies, and chains of poor, ...
November 24, 2018
Equal Opportunity Tax Reform
By Peter Ferrara
One of the fundamental principles of America is equality under the law. That means the same rules should apply to ...
March 02, 2018
Legal Authority in the Clouds
February 05, 2018 |
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