Penny Young Nance

Penny Young Nance
Number of Child Brides Is a Global Atrocity
By Penny Young Nance
A recent viral video of a 9 year-old Afghan girl being sold as a child “bride” rocked me to my ...
November 17, 2021
Nothing Cute About 'Cuties'
By Penny Young Nance
Have you ever watched something that made you gasp in horror?  A recent segment on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News TV ...
September 16, 2020
100 Years After the 19th Amendment, Pro-Life Women Are Still Treated as Unequal
By Penny Young Nance
Editor's Note: This column is co-authored by Kay C. James.August 18th marked the historic 100th anniversary when the Nineteenth Amendment ...
August 26, 2020
The Constitution was Made for Covid-19
By Penny Young Nance
Editor's Note: This piece was coauthored by Mario Diaz.The genius of the U.S Constitution is that it was designed to ...
April 25, 2020
Why are Liberals Hiding their Supreme Court Plans?
By Penny Young Nance
President Donald J. Trump was not only open about it — he aggressively campaigned on the need for conservative, Constitution-abiding ...
July 23, 2019
In Midst of #MeToo Movement, Taylor Swift's Endorsement of Bredesen Is Sorely Misguided
By Penny Young Nance
Taylor Swift must not have known that Phil Bredesen is in trouble when she endorsed his campaign for the United ...
November 01, 2018
Stormy Daniels And Her $130,000 Donation To Planned Parenthood
By Penny Young Nance
Lest her calm, cool, and collected 60 Minutes interview give the wrong impression, it’s important for us to remember that ...
April 19, 2018
Taking Aim at the Elephant in the Room: Why Republicans Should be Nervous
By Penny Young Nance
Last week, President Trump begrudgingly signed into law a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that runs out in September.  The ...
March 29, 2018
Tax Reform's 'Magnificent Moment’
By Penny Young Nance
Fresh off his landslide reelection, Ronald Reagan could have spent his political capital on many things. What he chose ...
July 25, 2016
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