The Middle Class Revolt Against Taxes Continues

Posted: Nov 20, 2007 12:01 AM
The Middle Class Revolt Against Taxes Continues

I would not be surprised if you have heard at least five times in different media that the tax revolt in this country is over. In fact, in the past twenty years this is at least the tenth burial of the tax revolt. But I have news for the liberals and the media who promotes their agenda: it simply is not true. The only problem is that the conservatives have not caught on to what is happening.

The fact is that state and local governments have been raising taxes with a vengeance. Voters do not distinguish who is raising their taxes. Thus, if conservatives would tell voters that when liberals in Congress are raising their taxes they will believe it because of what is happening at the local level.

Take the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), a bill passed by the House of Representatives, which will affect millions. The problem is that the Democrats in Congress will represent the bill as a tax cut. It is not. The Internal Revenue Service already has printed its tax bill which you will receive the first of the year.

Most of the Republican Presidential candidates have signed the Americans for Tax Reform No Tax Increase Pledge. They would not be doing so if this were not a potent issue. After all, these candidates are polling and polling. They know how to identify a hot topic. The Democrats know as well but and similar organizations will not permit them to take that position. They would not be able to pay for the billions of dollars for new programs. The problem for them is precisely this: as taxes are cut more revenue comes to the Treasury. When taxes are raised less revenue results.

Speaking of elections, the liberal candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis had all the endorsements. He was the odds-on favorite. In fact, scarcely anyone knew his opponent's name. There was just one issue. The incumbent had raised taxes. The challenger made that his issue. He pounded away with it. The shocker is that the challenger won by a margin of 53% to 47%. The challenger was wholly underfunded yet the liberals and the media claim that taxes no longer are an issue.

Some Members of Congress, such as the Member from the district in which I grew up, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), understand that the economic situation affects the middle class. He knows much of the middle class is in serious condition. He understands their anxiety.

What would help them would be a real middle-class tax cut. Moreover, making the George W. Bush tax cuts permanent would also help the middle class after 2010 and beyond.

The next time a liberal or someone in the media tries to tell you that taxes are no longer an issue send that person to Indianapolis or have him or her speak with one of the Republican Presidential candidates. Or talk yourself with middle-class families. The tax revolt continues.