President Bush's Recent Accomplishments Under-reported

Posted: Aug 02, 2006 12:01 PM

Some media, especially talk radio, is sympathetic to conservatives. However, much important news is unreported. For example, President George W. Bush during the month of July did many things which pleased social conservatives.

For example, the White House managed to get through both Houses of Congress the Broadcast Decency Act. The President held a ceremony at the White House when the bill was signed. It took courage to push this bill through. The broadcasters, large and small, were against it. The bill greatly increases the fines for obscenity, for frontal nudity and all sorts of things that offend a decency standard. This bill has far-reaching implications. It should have been a week-long topic on talk radio and its content should have been explained on newscasts. For the most part that didn't happen.

Then President Bush welcomed the so-called Snowflake children (children born from embryos) as well as adult stem-cell patients to the East Room of the White House. Again, where was talk radio? I heard this mentioned only once on a network newscast.

President Bush issued a very strong statement supporting the effort of Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to prevent the tearing down of the cross on Mount Soledad, near San Diego. Again, perfect fodder for talk radio but instead we are hearing non-stop commentary about war in the Middle East and about the United Nations. Such topics, which deserve much attention, are simply passed.

Then one issue discussed was the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment. The House considered the Amendment. Pundits of all stripes said it was a waste of time to debate the measure because it already had been defeated in the Senate. Moreover, one after the other, States are upholding the constitutionality of their amendments which forbid same-sex marriage.

President Bush also held a meeting and an Oval Office signing for the protection of the flag in housing communities. Then as the issue came to the floor of the House, the Administration came down on the right and strongly supported the Flag Protection Amendment.

One issue which did receive a small amount of coverage was the Administration's strong stance in favor of the Adam Walsh Child Exploitation Bill. After the bill passed, President Bush held a Rose Garden ceremony for signing of the bill. While this bill had widespread bipartisan support, nevertheless, it should be a topic for talk radio and television because parents need to know what is in the law. It is named after six-year old Adam Walsh, whose father found him dead in the gutter, murdered by a sex offender. The elder Walsh had worked for years to get this bill passed.

President Bush again sent the nomination of John Bolton to be Ambassador to the United Nations. The President gave him a recess appointment a year ago when the Democrats intended to filibuster. Bolton had problems with Senator George V. Voinovich, who last year did not support him. The Senior Senator from Ohio now has reversed himself and is supporting Bolton so it would appear that Bolton now has sufficient votes to get out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Democrats are trying to figure out what to do. Some in their ranks think Bolton is doing a credible job, even though they may end up voting against him. The President has backed Bolton in every one of his so-called controversial statements and actions.

The President is pushing hard for the line-item veto. He has held several events. Personally while I very much want to bring spending under control, I am reluctant to give the President that power, simply because I have lived through the Johnson, Carter and Clinton Administrations. Many were the times that we were able to improve a weapons system or initiate a new one because we attached these programs to legislation that these Presidents had to have. If the President had the line-item veto the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) would have been killed if Clinton were President. Thank God it was not. It was always hidden in the defense appropriations bill. If Clinton had been looking to save money that would have been a convenient target. Look at SDI now. We are hoping and praying that it works in the event that North Korea sends a missile our way.

The issue should have been debated far and wide. It was not. The President has also proposed a major new school choice/voucher program. I must admit, as closely as I follow such things, his school choice initiative completely escaped me. There is a topic made for talk radio if there ever was one. Passions run high on both sides of the issue. While all of this was happening the President nominated 16 new federal judges, a number of them to the all-important appellate courts. 98% of appealed cases end up in the appellate courts. The President is pushing hard to have more of his judges confirmed in this Congress.

Finally, President Bush issued new welfare-reform regulations stressing work and family. This is a major step forward but the country has no idea what was done or why. If you are one of those voters who are angry because you think nothing is happening you might want to look again. And while you are at it, call your local radio talk show host and urge him to discuss some of these worthwhile things the President has done, which I have outlined.