Patrick Ruffini

Patrick Ruffini
The Top 10 Things to Know About '08
By Patrick Ruffini
With less than two months to go until the Iowa Caucuses, there is plenty we can learn from the doings ...
November 10, 2007
Miracle on the Bayou
By Patrick Ruffini
Tonight, the man who may well be the Republican Party's brightest hope could take the reins of America's most ungovernable ...
October 20, 2007
The GOP's North Star
By Patrick Ruffini
When Larry Craig brought disrepute onto the Republican house, conservatives did not circle the wagons. They immediately demanded his ouster. ...
September 29, 2007
Stunning Upset Brewing in Massachusetts
By Patrick Ruffini
Last week, a SurveyUSA/WBZ poll out of Boston caused a minor earthquake in the Massachusetts political universe. The race to ...
September 22, 2007
Taking On Chuck Hagel
By Patrick Ruffini
A few days ago, I had a chance to catch up with Nebraska attorney general Jon Bruning, who recently announced ...
June 27, 2007
Pilfered Political Playbooks
By Patrick Ruffini
Earlier this year, the revelation of campaign strategy memos two Republican camps caused a media uproar. The year is still ...
April 07, 2007
The New Rules of Campaigning
By Patrick Ruffini
Something fundamental about the way we campaign changed this week. Candidates no longer have a monopoly on campaigning. Citizens want in ...
March 24, 2007
Is Conservatism Dying?
By Patrick Ruffini
Time magazine has chosen a weeping (and Photoshopped) Ronald Reagan for its first redesigned cover in 15 years. The theme: ...
March 17, 2007
The Information Hunter-Gatherers
By Patrick Ruffini
Will print newspapers even exist twenty years from now? Judging by the pile of newspapers that stack up in my ...
March 10, 2007
The New Keys to the White House
By Patrick Ruffini
What does it take to win the White House? Books like The Keys to the White House have tried to ...
March 03, 2007
Shhhh... The Surge is Working
By Patrick Ruffini
A gloomy haze has settled over the nation's prosecution of the War on Terror as of late. It seems like ...
February 24, 2007
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