Patrick Hynes

Patrick Hynes
Cheer Up!
By Patrick Hynes
We conservatives are struggling through a Great Depression, don't you know. A Great Depression of ideas; a Great Depression of ...
March 31, 2007
A Conspiracy So Vast
By Patrick Hynes
Sen. Hillary Clinton tested her new campaign theme—that there really is a “vast rightwing conspiracy” at the —“100 Club” dinner ...
March 17, 2007
2008: Authentic statesmen versus synthetic politicians
By Patrick Hynes
A narrative is beginning to form among the top-tier of presidential candidates of both parties. This narrative is not ideological ...
February 24, 2007
News Consumption in a “Lean Forward” Environment
By Patrick Hynes
Whenever I give a speech (or get started on a rant) I explain the power of the New Media this ...
February 10, 2007
Just Another Weekend in New Hampshire
By Patrick Hynes
Utah Governor Jon Huntsman tells a story of how he was stuck in Vietnam while on a trip when the ...
February 03, 2007
Sen. McCain and the New Media
By Patrick Hynes
Hugh Hewitt is concerned that Sen. John McCain, who is my client, does not engage the new media. And believe ...
January 23, 2007
Girl Power!
By Patrick Hynes
Did a majority of Americans vote for Democrats on Nov. 7th, 2006 because they were sick and tired of men ...
January 20, 2007
You and the Tube
By Patrick Hynes
YouTube is the hottest thing in American politics today. Just ask former Virginia Senator George Allen (emphasis on former). On ...
January 13, 2007
Senate Republicans to Take the New Media Seriously
By Patrick Hynes
Once it became clear during the 2006 campaign that the Republicans would probably lose both Houses of Congress, some conservatives ...
January 06, 2007
Democrats misplay "God Card"
February 14, 2006 |
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