Kerry's empty Senate seat

Posted: Jun 25, 2004 12:00 AM

The Republicans had themselves a bit of sport messin? around with John Kerry's head and schedule this week.  The abuse was well earned.  Kerry, you see, has missed almost all votes in the Senate this year while he's scampering about the country trying to become our next president. 

Kerry, who has nothing to run on save for his military service, decided to make a pilgrimage to the Senate floor this week to vote on a veterans bill.  Veterans, you see, aren't all that thrilled with the hatchet job Kerry did on them upon his return from Vietnam.  Maybe he could show his tremendous support for Veterans by at least showing up to vote on their bill.  In truth, The Poodle wanted to be there because (1) So that the Republicans couldn't say that he wasn't there; and (2) Because the Senate was having its class of 2004 picture taken on that very day.

So, The Souffl?lies across the country relaxing in his mighty fancy Boeing 757 to try and put in a day of actual work at the U.S. Senate.  Sadly, though, everything goes awry all because those evil Republicans decided to mess with him.  What a shame.  I guess the thinking was if Kerry can miss almost all other Senate votes this year, what's the big problem with missing this one?  It wasn?t like his vote is going to make a difference one way or the other.  So the Republicans used some Senate procedures to delay the vote for a day.  Kerry couldn't wait.  It was back into his 757 and back to the Left Coast for some campaigning. 

As soon as Kerry got off the campaign plane and found some microphones he let loose.  He wanted the media and the world to know how upset he was at the treatment he received from those mean-spirited Republicans.  Harken to  the words of The Poodle!

"But these people are so petty, so sad, so political, that all they could do was spend the whole day finding a way not to let John Kerry vote. Once again it's my way or the highway, shut the door, lock people out.  Don't let them take part in the democracy.  Don't respect the institution.  Don't show the common courtesies and actually bring people together to find the common ground."

Hold on just a minute here.  Something doesn?t pass the smell test.  Kerry' is having a bit of fun with us here, isn't he?  He's really kidding.  I just know he didn't say this with a straight face ? did he? 

Kerry is actually talking about Republicans working all day to find a way not to let him vote?  They shut the door?  They wouldn't let him take part in democracy?  They weren't respecting the institution?

Two words.  Judicial appointments.

Does anyone remember some stories a few months back about some of President Bush's appeals court nominations?  Just how many nominees are there out there who have the Senate votes necessary for confirmation, but who sit waiting for that vote to take place?  Is it six?  Seven?  And why aren't those votes being taken?  Because of Senate Democrats like, you guessed it, John Kerry!  Democrats have shut the door.  They won't let the democratic process proceed.  John Kerry wants to talk about not respecting the institution? Fine!  Let's consider the fact that for the first time in the history of the U.S. Senate one party has blocked a confirmation vote for a judicial nominee who actually has the votes needed for confirmation!  Democrats aren't just blocking the votes on these nominees for one day. 

They're making sure that the votes never happen!

Excuse me, but does anyone remember John Kerry condemning the Democrats for preventing votes on judicial nominees?  Has Kerry ever excoriated the Democrats for shutting the door and locking people out?  Has Kerry complained that the Democrats won't let the democratic process proceed?  I hope you don?t need for me to answer these questions for you.

Before you continue on to another writer better than I, here?s another little drama unfolding for you. 

The Massachusetts legislature wants to make sure that their Republican governor, Mitt Romney, doesn?t appoint a (gasp!) Republican to fill the seat of John Kerry should he actually win this thing.  This week they are considering legislation that would call for a special Senatorial election within 120 to 145 days after Kerry?s Senate resignation.  In the meantime, the legislation would forbid the government from appointing a replacement.  Interestingly, the 120 to 145 day time frame is not sufficient for the federal government to make the necessary arrangements to insure that military men and women overseas will be able to vote in the special election.  That?s how much respect Mr. ?I just have to get to Washington to vote on this veteran?s bill? has for our military.