Obama High-Fives IRS with $92 Million in Bonuses

Posted: May 20, 2013 12:01 AM

The IRS scandal is becoming more insane by the minute.  After the testimony on Friday from the Inspector General and the now “retiring” acting IRS Commissioner, Steven Miller, things couldn’t be more convoluted.  First of all, Obama came out and said that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had “demanded the resignation” of Miller, when in fact, Miller was due to leave his post by June of this year.  So there was no “resigning” going on, and he will leave with all of his benefits intact.  Wow!  No accountability, no answers, no penalties.

Next we find out that during the four year period between 2009 and 2012 more than $92 million in bonuseswere handed out by IRS executives to thousands of tax agency employees.  These bonuses were mostly given out to managers and executives for “performance based incentives”.

So let me get this straight.  These people were paid a salary by the taxpayers, and then given a bonus by the taxpayers to reward them for harassing and intimidating the taxpayers.  Ok, got it.  There are over 97,000 employees of the IRS, 16,910 of them got some sort of bonus for “a job well done”.  The largest bonus went to former IRS Commissioner Richard E. Byrd who received $60,270.

Digging a little deeper we find out that Lois Lerner, the woman who told us publicly that her agency was improperly singling out conservative and other groups including religious organizations, received more than $42,000 in bonuses over that four year period.  She ADMITTED wrongdoing and yet was rewarded once again with OUR money!

But the best is yet to come.  Sarah Hall Ingram who was in charge of tax-exempt organizations while the Tea Party and conservative groups were being targeted has conveniently been relocated within the IRS and now is in charge of the IRS office responsible for overseeing Obamacare.  Promoted for a job well done!  Joseph Grant, the executive who seems to be the one taking the fall for Ingram during that time is now resigning his post. He took over for Ingram when she was promoted.  During the years 2010-2012 he received three bonuses totaling $83,950 in addition to his salary of $177,000.  Job well done Joe!

During the years that Ingram was overseeing the tax-exempt division she received bonuses totaling $103,390 in addition to her salary which was raised from $172,500 to $177,000 during that time.  In 2009 she received $7,000 in bonus money:   (I guess she was just having her people gather names.)  In 2010 it ramped up to $34,440.  (Must be when the IRS agents started harassing their targets.)  She took home an extra $35,400 in 2011, (delay, delay, and delay those applications for conservative groups.)  0 conservative groups with Tea Party or 9/12 in their name were approvedfor tax-exempt status in 2011 therefore, she receives a huge bonus.  Then in 2012 she received a $26,550 bonus.  She probably got less that year because the Tea Party groups had been stopped and the election was in November.  The damage had been done and she reaped the rewards. 

Mission accomplished.  The IRS succeeded in shutting down the opposition and they were all high-fived and handsomely rewarded.

When this all unravels, and it will, hopefully; will we ever be able to trust any part of government at all?  Right now we can’t trust the Executive branch; they lie to us and seem more inept than a third world country.  We can’t trust the State Department; they are equally inept, except at cover-ups.  Homeland Security can’t protect us from terrorists on our own soil, yet they stock up on guns, ammo and tanks for unknown reasons.  The Treasury Department manipulates the economic figures to fit their agenda and destroy our economy.  Spying on American citizens and the press has been uncovered, and the Military is left hanging out to dry and can no longer trust anyone to watch their backs. 

When will this madness end?  This is not America; at least not the one I know.  This is like some unbelievable Hollywood film that you watch but know could never happen, except it IS happening.  Scandal after scandal is crippling our nation and unfortunately we have to deal with them.  The Democrats want to “move on”, but we can’t move on until we cure the cancer that has infected this administration.

Will it ultimately lead to the top?  Only time will tell.  One thing is for sure; someone knows the answers to all of this and they can’t keep pleading ignorance forever.

Morgan Brittany


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