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I have had enough of being thought of as stupid.  I’m sick and tired of the media, the administration and the spin doctors putting statistics and information out that is so cock-eyed, it is laughable.  It has been going on for a long time but this week the unemployment numbers were so ridiculous I thought I was watching an SNL comedy routine.


How in the world do they think that they can get away with something so ludicrous?  If they wanted to manipulate the numbers to make Obama look good, they should have at least lowered the number to 8% or maybe 7.99999 to make their magic re-election number work, but no, they had to insult our intelligence by dropping the number .3% citing that 873,000 people found jobs!  This was the biggest one month gain in nine years!  Hmmm…really?

The news reports and the Labor Secretary said that these numbers were gathered from calls to people in their homes who were asked whether they were working or not.  Ok, I would have loved to have heard those calls.  I can just imagine the questions: 

“Are you working?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, are you employed or are you working from home?”

“Like…what do you mean working from home?”

“Anything that would be considered work.”

“Oh yeah, hey, I’m working on my tan.”

“I’m working in the yard,”

“I’m working around the house.”

“I’m working on getting a higher score on my X-box game.”

“Yeah, I just worked and sold my collection of Life Magazines on Ebay.”

“Great!  Perfect, you’re working!”

That is probably where they got the 873,000 number from.

This is insane!  I am done with the media manipulation and blatant posturing to get this president re-elected.  They will do anything and say anything for political gain.  The assault on our intelligence for the past six months has reached an all time high.


Manipulating the unemployment numbers is one thing, but what really concerns me is the lying about our foreign policy.  When the attack on our Embassy in Libya happened on 9/11, the lame excuse that it was caused by a stupid movie trailer was beyond reproach.  The administration immediately covered up what we all know that they knew and sent their political lackeys out to spin a story that was so stupid even a child would question it.  Still, they hoped that the “stupid” American public would hear it, buy it and go back to their lives not giving it much thought.  Well maybe that was the case for the “real stupid” people, but not for all of us.  Those of us who have a brain and are paying attention immediately saw the red flag and recognized this charade for what it was, a blatant cover-up to try and save Obama’s foreign policy record.

This is treading on dangerous ground.  When the government starts hiding the truth from the American people by sugar-coating it to make themselves look good, we are in serious trouble.  This should make every American mad as hell and it should not be tolerated.  The majority of us (I can only hope), are grown-ups and can understand what it going on.  We are NOT stupid idiots that need to be protected and coddled because the information might be too harsh for us to handle.  I don’t want our government to be like Jack Nicolson in “A Few Good Men” when he screamed, “You can’t handle the truth!”  You know we are in too deep when that happens.


As long as they keep getting away with this they will keep doing it and it will continue to get worse.  Already we heard Obama say that he doesn’t even know what the deficit was when he came into office.  Does he really expect us to believe that?  He lives by poll numbers and statistics; he knows what the number was and just doesn’t want to say it.

They are telling us that things are great and the economy is turning around. They want us to believe that money is worth something because the stock market is doing great.  We are not stupid.  Things are not as they seem.  Look at gas prices, food prices and clothing costs.  They tell us with a straight face that there is no inflation.  Once again I ask….really?

The “Fast and Furious” scandal is another set of lies and cover-ups that just continues to unravel.  Just last week Univision uncovered another layer of the story that connected the sale of guns to more murders of citizens in Mexico.  Did you hear anything much about it?  No, because the media was to fixated on the poll numbers for the upcoming election.  You probably won’t hear anything more about it either because the owner of Univision’s wife, Cheryl Saban was just given a UN diplomatic post by President Obama.

All we ask as American citizens is that our government be honest with us.  We know what we are dealing with if we have accurate information.  The press has failed in its job of reporting facts accurately and now is only interested in its own agenda and ideology.  Unfortunately there is mis-information everywhere and once it is out of the box it is hard to put it back in.


We must all look at the information given to us every day with a skeptical eye.  Everything that we hear needs closer scrutiny.  No longer can we be wide-eyed and innocent, accepting what the evening news or the New York Times reports to us.  That may have worked in the past, but it doesn’t work anymore.  There are too many of us who dig deeper into stories and statistics and call people out on lies and misrepresentations.  We are NOT stupid and we CAN handle the truth.

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