Border Insanity

Posted: Nov 16, 2007 12:00 AM
Border Insanity

At long last, I have discovered the secret to the insanity of the illegal alien debate in America.

Finally, I have stumbled upon the ultimate truth. Because over and over again, we see people and events converge in a way that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever when it comes to those who continually defend the people who sneak across the border and take our jobs and social services.

It’s downright crazy to hear our president pine for “a path to citizenship.” It’s completely nutso to witness thousands take to the streets while waving Mexican flags and demanding “rights” for those who have gained illegal entry. It’s off-the-charts goofy to observe a governor expect to get support for granting drivers licenses to illegals. It’s wacky to watch state legislatures give illegal immigrants in-state tuition benefits.

In other words, everyone seems to have gone mad.

And I think I finally figured out what’s going on.

The pro-illegal alien crowd has entered into some sort of contest. It’s become sport for them to see just how far the crazies can go in crossing the line of common sense, logic, and decency over this important issue.

Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than this week’s insanity, a group of Jewish activists who have decided to form a coalition with Hispanic pro-illegal activists because, according to them, Hispanics are receiving “the same sort of hate” that Jews have received over the years.

I’m not even going to mention the name of the Jewish group. I’m too embarrassed for them.

I’m not Jewish. But I certainly recognize the years and years of persecution that Jews have experienced. I shudder to think of man’s inhumanity to man during WWII and the concentration camps. And very few things in life should be as sacred and reverential as always remembering what the Jewish people have gone through all over the world.

To somehow equate the history of Jewish oppression to the anger that most Americans feel over illegal aliens has got to be one of the vilest examples of manipulation we have ever seen.

No decent person exhibits any “hatred” towards Hispanic illegals. We resent the act itself, not the individual. We are frustrated at our country’s inability to deal with this issue in a constructive, effective way. And yes, we hold great contempt for those who flaunt our laws and thumb their noses at every American citizen.

But it is beyond a wild stretch to make the case that what Hispanic illegal aliens experience in 2007 America is equivalent to the agonies and horrors that Jews have experienced in years past.

It is downright silly.

So there is no other way to say it, these folks must be on some wild quest to top one another with outrageous, ridiculous scenarios and lies and efforts to defend the indefensible.

Shame on them.