It's the citizens' fault?

Posted: Jan 12, 2007 12:00 AM
It's the citizens' fault?

OK, class, it’s time for a multiple choice quiz.


The federal government recently conducted a study of 100 illegal immigrants who were arrested for a crime and then released into the general population.

Students, what is the average amount of times each of these illegals were arrested?

Is it: a) one time; b) three times; or c) five times?

How about if I told you that none of the above choices is high enough? What if you found out that the average number of times that this study group of 100 illegal immigrants have been arrested was SIX TIMES EACH!

Yes, that was precisely the finding of this federal study. Let it sink in one more time: in a group of 100 illegal immigrants who were arrested and let go, each of these people had been arrested, on average, six times each.

Give us your poor, your tired, and those yearning to become habitual criminals in America, eh?

One would think this is a pretty big story. After all, the image that pro-illegal activists try to portray is one of poor, hard-working, wonderful people who simply do the miserable jobs that no lazy American would bother to do, at a fraction of the living wage.

I guess some of those “jobs” include robbing, raping, plundering, and otherwise violating the laws of our land.

The reason the results of this federal study aren’t getting major media play is fairly obvious. To remind the American public that there are a heck of a lot of people who sneak across the border into our country and wind up continually committing crimes would be a real challenge for the type of people who prefer to call criminals “undocumented aliens.”

Incidentally, I always get a chuckle out of seeing a newspaper article contain the term “undocumented aliens.” I guess if an illegal robbed a bank, they’d be making an “undocumented withdrawal.”

I was more than a little intrigued about what some of the pro-illegal voices would have to say about this little tidbit of information. My radio show producer managed to get the president of the Dallas chapter of LULAC (League of Latin American Cities), Jesse Diaz, on my talk show the other day.

Mr. Diaz has a perfectly good explanation about why this group of illegal immigrants has broken the law so many times. He believes [wait for it]...that it’s [wait for it]... our fault. You see, Jesse Diaz, LULAC Dallas president, feels that it’s the sleazy American culture that is bringing his people down.

I know you think I’m pulling your leg.

I’m not.

There was Mr. Diaz on my radio show, complaining about the baggy jeans that American kids wear, the high divorce rate, the carjackings here in America (he actually said, “we don’t really have that many carjackings in Mexico”), and the general attitude of U.S. citizens in general that is forcing people from Mexico who come here to turn into criminals.

It was a rare moment where I was practically speechless (not a good reaction for a radio talk host).

To hear an illegal immigrant activist actually blame the United States for the criminal behavior of illegal immigrants was definitely the highlight of my week.

I’m not sure if Jesse Diaz actually believes that nonsense or if he’s just spinning. Either way, it was an utterly ridiculous thing to say about people who break the law to come here in the first place.

As I told him, there really is a very simple solution to preventing Mexicans or people from any foreign country from having to be exposed to the horrible, miserable American culture that we offer.

Stay home.

Don’t come here.

Spare yourselves the agony of being forced to turn into hardened criminals by us terrible Americans.

Since Jesse Diaz informs me that there really aren’t that many carjackings in Mexico, I’ve got to believe that we’ve been misled about tales of police corruption, drug cartels, and out of control crime south of the border. Frankly, it sounds like Mexico is a wonderful place to live.

No carjackings? Wow. What a country.

Welcome to the illegal immigration debate in 2007 America.

It just gets more outrageous by the day.